2018 German Nationals (LC) will be open for international competitors

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November 22nd, 2017 Europe, International, News

The “International LC* German Championships 2018  ” (Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaften 2018, 50 m Bahn) will take place in Berlin from July 19th-22nd 2018 in Berlin at the “Schwimm- und Sprunghalle im Europasportpark (SSE)”. For many years, one stop of the FINA World Cup was held here in the 25m edition of the adjustable 50m pool. (*LC – Long Course, 50 m)

Many World, National and European records were set in the fast pool over the years – NINE of the actual short course world records were etablished in Berlin from 2009 to 2017. Ranomi Kromowidjojo (50 m freestyle) and Katinka Hosszu (100 m IM) reached new world records during this year’s FINA World Cup  in Berlin.

International competitors are eligible to swim in the open class and for sure they will have with the German top swimmers Marco Koch, Philip Heintz, Franziska Hentke, Alexandra Wenk, Damian Wierling, Sarah Köhler, Lisa Graf, Poul Zellmann, Florian Wellbrock  fast challengers in every stroke and distance. The European LC Championships will run from 3 August to 12 August 2018 in Glasgow, Scotland, and the German Nationals could be a good possibility for a last formtest.

The conditions for international participants are:

  • Achievement of the qualification times
  • Member of a national team
  • Approval of the athlete’s national swimming association

Here are the qualifying times:


Open class
Women Men
50m freestyle 00:27,64 00:24,55
100m freestyle 00:59,88 00:53,74
200m freestyle 02:10,09 01:58,09
400m freestyle 04:34,38 04:11,04
800m freestyle 09:21,33 08:42,43
1500m freestyle 17:59,73 17:07,68
50m breaststroke 00:34,48 00:30,55
100m breaststroke 01:15,22 01:06,95
200m breaststroke 02:41,86 02:24,79
50m backstroke 00:31,29 00:27,67
100m backstroke 01:07,18 00:59,79
200m backstroke 02:23,85 02:10,38
50m butterfly 00:29,23 00:26,11
100m butterfly 01:04,74 00:57,71
200m butterfly 02:23,23 02:09,69
200m IM 02:27,36 02:12,50
400m IM 05:12,65 04:43,58

Source: DSV, please check the qualifying times also here 

Note: In German “F” means freestyle (Freistil), “B” means breaststroke (Brustschwimmen), “R” means backstroke (Rückenschwimmen) and “S” means butterfly (Schmetterlingsschwimmen).

All events will be swum with heats in the morning and A/B finals in the evening (16 fastest qualifiers), except the women’s and men’s 800m and 1500m freestyle which will have the fastest eigth swimmers concerning to their entry times competing in the evening’s final.
Here you can find all information (in German). 
Final entry date is July, 6th, midnight.
The official website is not online yet. The German Swimming Federation could be contacted via [email protected] 





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