2017 Men’s & Women’s Academic All-MAC Teams Announced


The Mid-American Conference announced the 2017 Men’s Swimming and Diving Academic All-MAC team on Friday.

The team is made up of 72 student-athletes from the seven men’s programs in the conference.

Ball State’s Tanner Barton (Senior, Health Science), Missouri State’s Brandon Weissman (Senior, Accounting), and Southern Illinois’ Chris Cole (Sophomore, art) and Alex Netzel (Sophomore, Aviation Management) each registered perfect 4.0 grade point averages.

Eastern Michigan leads the conference with 17 student-athletes receiving academic honors. Ball State follows with 12 Academic All-MAC honorees, while Miami was close behind and placed 11 students on the team.

The Academic All-MAC honor is for a student-athlete who has excelled in athletics and academics. To qualify, a student-athlete must have at least a 3.20 cumulative GPA and have participated in at least 50 percent of the contests for that particular sport.

Ball State:
Tanner Barton, Senior, 4.000, Health Science
Gabe Dean, Sophomore, 3.265, Chemistry
Austin Green, Senior, 3.277, Biology
JD Middleton, Senior, 3.442, Dietetics
Luke Nondorf, Sophomore, 3.547, Accounting & Economics
Mitch Prather, Senior, 3.925, Exercise Science
Zach Reichle, Sophomore, 3.349, Geography
Bradley Ridge, Senior, 3.259, Computer Science
Lane Sawyer, Sophomore, 3.795, Nursing
Alec Tuthill, Sophomore, 3.326, Japanese
Cullen Tyler, Sophomore, 3.21, Pre-Med
Isaac Walling, Junior, 3.239, Computer Science

Charles Barry, Senior, 3.441, Communication
Garrett Clarke, Junior, 3.532, Mathematics
Itai De La Vega, Junior, 3.596, Management
Aaron Durrence, Junior, 3.21, Computer Science
Nick Hooper, Senior, 3.84, Biomedical Sciences
Callum Liddiard, Senior, 3.441, Management
Dan Roche, Junior, 3.716, Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Zynieki, Senior, 3.367, Management

Eastern Michigan:
Lance Bergmann, Junior, 3.49, Math
Erik Brinkhoff, Junior, 3.74, Finance
Logan Burton, Sophomore, 3.60, Sport Management
Chris Buzard, Junior, 3.54, Management
Hunter Cook, Junior, 3.61, Biology
Ryan Current, Sophomore, 3.56, Exercise Science
Chris Cutter, Senior, 3.21, Sport Managment
Conner Finnigan, Senior, 3.48, Construction Management
Nicholas Fox, Sophomore, 3.60, Construction Management
Tom Gillis, Sophomore, 3.74, Bio-Chemistry
Connor Johnson, Junior, 3.65, Actuarial Science
Tosh Kawaguchi, Sophomore, 3.48, Biology
Josh Kreider, Junior, 3.73, Computer Science
Kevin Moore, Senior, 3.50, Finance
JF Murphy, Sophomore, 3.81, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Peter Rusenas, Junior, 3.92, Accounting
Jake Tyson, Sophomore, 3.84, Undeclared

Matt Childress, Senior, 3.782, Business Finance
Everett Plocek, Senior, 3.931, Exercise Science/Physical Therapy

Chase Bettner, Sophomore, 3.38, Marketing
Thomas Blackstone, Junior, 3.38, Kinesiology
Lucas Brock, Senior, 3.26, Marketing
Maximilian Jelen, Senior, 3.42, History & Premedical Studies
Robert Newman, Sophomore, 3.57, Finance
Steven Russo, Senior, 3.35, Finance & Analytics
Ross Rybakowicz, Junior, 3.54, Biology
Sean Sargent, Senior, 3.75, Mechanical Engineering & EGR: Manufacturing Engineering
Peter Simcox, Junior, 3.53, Public Administration & Environmental Science
Jack Strauss, Senior, 3.39, Finance
James Wray, Sophomore, 3.92, Engineering Management/Finance

Missouri State:
Bryce Blattner, Sophomore, 3.66, Journalism
Will Brand, Junior, 3.22, Construction Management
Canaan Campbell, Junior, 3.89, Administrative Management
Kacper Cwiek, Junior, 3.80, Computer Information Systems
William Frisbie, Junior, 3.62, Computer Information Systems
Christopher Heye, Sophomore, 3.59, Chemistry
Minki Kang, Sophomore, 3.26, Exercise Science
Michael Mollak, Sophomore, 3.35, Dietetics
Arthur Osvath, Sophomore, 3.84, Business
Uldis Tazans, Senior, 3.35, Physical Education
Nicholas Theunissen, Sophomore, 3.79, International Business
Brandon Weissman, Senior, 4.00, Accounting

Southern Illinois:
Andre Brilhante, Senior, 3.81, Economics
Chris Cole, Sophomore, 4.0, Art
Cole Case, Sophomore, 3.58, Architectural Studies
Alex Crawford, Junior, 3.71, Finance
Filippo Dell’olio, Senior, 3.44, University Studies
Alex Martinez, Sophomore, 3.44, Liberal Arts
Alex Netzel, Sophomore, 4.0, Aviation Management
Andy Ross, Senior, 3.67, Radio, TV, and Digital Media
Michael Wolfe, Junior, 3.51, Mechanical Engineering
Bobby Wood, Senior, 3.64, Aviation Management


The Mid-American Conference announced its 2017 Women’s Swimming and Diving Academic All-MAC team on Monday.

The team is made up of 111 student-athletes from the eight women’s programs in the conference.

Of the 111 student-athletes named to the team, three recorded perfect 4.0 grade point averages; Claire Stam (Bowling Green), Christin Swanepeol (Bowling Green), and Ashley White (Bowling Green).

Ball State leads the conference with 18 student-athletes receiving academic honors. Bowling Green placed 17 student-athletes on the team, while Akron and Eastern Michigan each earned 16 on the team.

The Academic All-MAC honor is for a student-athlete who has excelled in athletics and academics. To qualify, a student-athlete must have at least a 3.20 cumulative GPA and have participated in at least 50 percent of the contests for that particular sport.

2017 Women’s Swimming & Diving Academic All-MAC Team:

Emily Christophersen, Sophomore, 3.75, Biology
Karly Crail, Sophomore, 3.51, Biology
Ragen Engel, Sophomore, 3.48, Biology
Susan Franz, Junior, 3.24, Education/AYA Integrated Math
Caroline Kaltenborn, Junior, 3.20, Psychology
Kara Kaulius, Senior, 3.67, Marketing Managment
Paige Kelkenberg, Senior, 3.75, Sports Management
Emma King, Sophomore, 3.61, Early Childhood Education
Emily O’Brien, R-Senior, 3.35, Biomedical Engineering
Hannah Palochak, senior, 3.70, Pre-Physical Therapy
Laura Savaraiu, Senior, 3.53, Biology
Victoria Shaffer, Sophomore, 3.63, Integrated Marketing Communications
Hannah Smith, Sophomore, 3.33, Geology
Allison Teske, Junior, 3.71, Exercise & Physiology Science
Kristen Vargas, Junior, 3.49, Pre-Physical Therapy
Laura Weiss, Senior, 3.53, Integrated Marketing Communications

Ball State:
Morgan Brebberman, Junior, 3.305, Business
Mason Dahman, Sohomore, 3.801, Biology
Mikayla Dostall, Sophomore, 3.534, Business
Lauren Elston, Sophomore, 3.666, Meteorlogy
Jessica Extine, Senior, 3.769, Nursing
Taylor Fiew, Junior, 3.617, Pre-Nursing
Katie Horn, senior, 3.577, Nursing
Amanda Kedzierski, Junior, 3.786, Meteorology
Allie Kolz, Senior, 3.883, Elementary Education
Elizabeth Madison, Sophomore, 3.520, Undeclared
Audrey Mayer, Sophomore, 3.236, Marketing
Maryn Meldrum, Sophomore, 3.598, Dietetics
Taylor Miles, Sophomore, 3.562, Nursing
Courtney Mudd, Senior, 3.688, Exercise Science
Traci Muszalski, Junior, 3.773, Speech Language Pathology
Brittany Penn, Senior, 3.757, Actuarial Science
Andrea Richter, Junior, 3.657, Speech Pathology
Kimberly Scott, Senior, 3.769, Hospitality

Bowling Green:
Hannah Albion, Senior, 3.580, Psychology
Anna Babinec, Senior, 3.494, Gerontology
Kylie Bosco, Junior, 3.459, Biology
Natalie Criswell, Junior, 3.285, Sales and Services Marketing
Mary Edwards, Sophomore, 3.763, Biology
Maria Galic, Junior, 3.917, Exercise Science
Victoria Griffin, Senior, 3.307, Criminal Justice
Megan Larson, Sophomore, 3.878, Dietetics
Rebekah Perry, Sophomore, 3.586
Emily Ridge, Sophomore, 3.870
Elodie Schreiber, Junior, 3.742, Interior Design
Maya Skorupski, Senior, 3.452, Biology
Claire Stam, Sophomore, 4.0, Early Childhood Education
Christin Swanepeol, Sophomore, 4.0, Biology
Emily Verbrugge, Sophomore, 3.625, Microbiology
Amanda Washko, Junior, 3.929, Accounting
Ashley White, Sophomore, 4.0, Nursing

Sarah Baxter, Senior, 3.647, Accounting
Julia Box, Junior, 3.411, Nursing
Megan Burns, Senior, 3.462, Psychology
Eve Kosten, Senior, 3.632, Management
Hannah Miller, Senior, 3.633, Management
Brittney Walters, Senior, 3.339, Exercise Science
Catherine Schultheis, Junior, 3.469, Environmental Geosciences

Eastern Michigan:
Emily Desnoyers, Sophomore, 3.46, Psychology
Delaney Duncan, Sophomore, 3.48, Marketing
Makenzie Garringer, Senior, 3.85, Therapeutic Recreation
Carly Jackson, Senior, 3.50, Biology
Michal Liberman, Sophomore, 3.53, Journalism
Gabrielle Mace, Sophomore, 3.90, Anthropology
Marissa Marion, Sophomore, 3.60, Speech Language
Molly Miller, Junior, 3.76, Exercise Science
Alexis Mitcheltree, Senior, 3.42, Individualized Studies
Hannah Newell, Junior, 3.34, Sport Management
Abby Saddler, Junior, 3.76, Paralegal
Alli Shereda, Junior, 3.75, Business
Emily Tubbs, Junior, 3.30, Biology
Mary Grace Van Allen, Senior, 3.90, Communication
Dora Vrcic, Sophomore, 3.57, Undecided
Sierra Wagner, Senior, 3.90, Exercise Science

Rachel Baker, Junior, 3.30, Political Science
Elise Campbell, R-Junior, 3.62, Media & Culture, English
Julia Campbell, Senior, 3.41, Psychology
Brittany Dudzinski, Senior, 3.24, Marketing
Jenna Karrow, Senior, 3.62, Microbiology/Pre-Med
Katherine Kuhl, Junior, 3.30, Public Health
Taylor LeCount, Senior, 3.70, Education
Peyton Mosbaugh, Sophomore, 3.44, Zoology
Ella Moynihan, Sophomore, 3.46, Psychology
Allison Pierce, Sophomore, 3.58, Strategic Communications and Professional Writing
Holly Schuster, Junior, 3.45, Kinesiology
Shay Spelman, Junior, 3.63, Education
Abby Stone, Sophomore, 3.72, Kinesiology/Pre-Med
Grace Van Fossen, Sophomore, 3.25, Psychology
Sarah Wolanske, Sophomore, 3.40, Accountancy & Analytics

Myriah Ariza-Balter, Senior, 3.73, Pre-Exercise Physiology
Emily Davis, Sophomore, 3.59, International Business
Laura Dawson, Senior, 3.46, Psychology
Olivia Dillon, Sophomore, 3.58, Nursing
Carrie Dukes, Senior, 3.76, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Ana Hendersen, Sophomore, 3.48, Sociology
Emily Ortner, Sophomore, 3.53, Child and Family Studies
Elena Patz, Junior, 3.87, Pre-Exercise Physiology
Hannah Shinn, Junior, 3.76, Pre-Med
Corrin Van Lanen, Sophomore, 3.97, Psychology
Lexie White, Sophomore, 3.35, Journalism
Maddie Wyke, Sophomore, 3.68, Biological Sciences

Jessica Avery, Junior, 3.877, Education
Allison Brinkoff, Junior, 3.498, Speech and Language Pathology
Bailey Cahill, Sophomore, 3.667, Nursing
Allison Dicke, Junior, 3.47, Biology
Emily Frederick, Junior, 3.764, Exercise Science
Maddie Grubbe, Sophomore, 3.706, Communications
Gabbi Haaraoja, Junior, 3.236, Health Care Administration
Maggie Hack, Junior, 3.889 Special Education
Rachael Hester, Senior, 3.47, Nursing
Katrin Streicher, Junior, 3.407, Recreational Therapy

News courtesy of the MAC.

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