2016 Russian Championships: Day 6 Live Recap


  • April 16-23rd, 2016
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Prelims 09:00/Finals 18:00 Local Time
  • Prelims 02:00/Finals 11:00 U.S. Eastern Time
  • Live results (IN ENGLISH – including event-by-event start lists)
  • Olympic selection standards

Women’s 50 Fly- Final (Non-Olympic)

  • Russian record: 26.05, Natalia Lovtsova
  • Olympic selection standard: N/A
  1. Svetlana Chimrova, Moscow: 26.18
  2. Alina Kashinskaya, Sverdlovsk: 26.66
  3. Ekaterina Shapanikova, St. Petersburg/Elizaveta Permiakova, Irkutsk: 26.81

Svetlana Chimrova came incredibly close to taking the Russian record in the women’s 50 fly, swimming 26.18 and missing the mark by just .13 seconds. Her time places her 15th in the world this year, improving upon her previous 17th-ranked 26.26 from the Swedish Open.

Alina Kashinskaya came in nearly half a second behind for the silver medal with 26.66, and Ekaterina Shapanikova and Elizaveta Permiakova tied for the bronze in 26.81.

Men’s 50 Free- Semifinal

  1. Vladimir Morozov, Vologograd: 21.69
  2. Andrey Grechin, Altai: 22.13
  3. Ivan Kuzmenko, Volgograd: 22.38
  4. Sergei Fesikov, YANAO: 22.47
  5. Oleg Tikhobaev, St. Petersburg: 22.62
  6. Andrey Arbuzov, Krasnoyarsk: 22.69
  7. Kirill Prigoda, St. Petersburg: 22.70
  8. Vladimir Popov, Moscow: 22.82

Russian record holder and 2012 Olympian Vladimir Morozov was the only swimmer in the men’s 50 free semifinal to make it in under the Olympic selection standard 22.01, coming in with 21.69.

2008 Olympian Andrey Grechin was very close to making the mark with 22.13. He is now ranked 19th in the world rankings for the event.

Ivan Kuzmenko qualified second in 22.38, followed by Sergei Fesikov in 22.47.

Oleg Tikhobaev, Andrey Arbuzov, Kirill Prigoda, Vladimir Popov, and Alexander Yakovlev also made the championship final for tomorrow.

Women’s 200 Breast- Final

  • Russian record: 2:19.41, Yulia Efimova
  • Olympic selection standard: 2:26.08
  1. Sofia Andreeva, St. Petersburg: 2:25.08
  2. Daria Chikunova, St. Petersburg: 2:25.41
  3. Mariia Astashkina, Penza: 2:26.96

Previously-unranked Sofia Andreeva moved up into the world rankings in the 200 breast, winning the event final in 2:25.08. She came in a second under the Russian Olympic standard. Both she and Daria Chikunova swam fast enough to make the Olympic team; Chikunova finished second in 2:25.41. Both swimmers will compete in their first-ever Olympic Games this summer, so long as the Russian team’s emergency Olympic selection provision doesn’t clear up a space for Yuliya Efimova.

Mariia Astashkina finished third and missed the team with 2:26.96.

Men’s 200 Back- Final

  • Russian record: 1:54.60, Evgeny Rylov
  • Olympic selection standard: 1:57.71
  1. Evgeny Rylov, Moscow: 1:54.21
  2. Andrei Shabasov, St. Petersburg: 1:57.38
  3. Grigory Tarasevich, Omsk: 1:57.79

Evgeny Rylov set new Russian and European records in the 200 back tonight, taking down his old Russian mark by .39 seconds. The old European record was a 1:54.24 set by Radoslaw Kawecki of Poland at the 2013 World Championships. Rylov took this one down by .03 seconds with 1:54.21.

The previously-unranked Rylov rocketed to second in the world rankings with that time. Now, only Australia’s Mitch Larkin is ahead of him.

2015-2016 LCM Men 200 BACK

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Rylov outswam the field by over three seconds and easily made the Olympic standard. This will be Rylov’s first Olympics.

Andrei Shabasov also made the Russian Olympic team, coming in with 1:57.38. Grigory Tarasevich finished third with 1:57.79.

Women’s 200 Back- Semifinal

  • Russian record: 2:04.94, Anastasia Zuyeva
  • Olympic selection standard: 2:09.70
  1. Daria Ustinova, Svedlovsk: 2:08.78
  2. Anastasia Osipenko, Krasnoyarsk: 2:11.68
  3. Polina Egorova, Bashkortostan: 2:14.41
  4. Polina Lapshina, Sverdlovsk: 2:15.99
  5. Ekaterina Andreeva, St. Petersburg: 2:16.59
  6. Svetlana Frolova, Moscow: 2:16.76
  7. Anastasia Avdeeva, Vladimir: 2:16.81
  8. Darina Khisyamova: Moscow: 2:18.76

Junior world record holder Daria Ustinova, the fourth place finisher in this event at the 2015 World Championships, was the definitive leader in the women’s 200 back semifinals tonight, coming in nearly a second under the Olympic selection standard with 2:08.78. She moves up to 11th in the world rankings with tonight’s swim.

Anastasia Osipenko came in a solid second with 2:11.68, followed by Polina Egorova in 2:14.41.

Men’s 200 IM- Final

  • Russian record: 1:59.50, Semen Makovich
  • Olympic selection standard: 1:59.56
  1. Semen Makovich, Samara: 2:00.18
  2. Andrey Zhilkin, Moscow: 2:01.60
  3. Dmitrii Gorbunov, Moscow: 2:01.85

Russian record holder Semen Makovich won the final of the men’s 200 IM, but his 2:00.18 was not quite enough to make the Olympic team. In order to make the roster, Makovich would have to swim a time (1:59.56) within the top 25 world rankings and nearly take down his own Russian record.

Andrey Zhilkin finished second in 2:01.60 and Dmitrii Gorbunov took the bronze in 2:01.85.

Women’s 100 Free- Final

  • Russian record: 53.94, Veronika Popova
  • Olympic selection standard: 54.18
  1. Veronika Popova, St. Petersburg: 54.33
  2. Viktoriia Andreeva, Penza: 54.44
  3. Natalia Lovtcova, Novosibirsk: 54.48

Even Russian record holder Veronika Popova wasn’t quick enough to make the Russian selection standard in the women’s 100 free tonight. She missed the time by .15, winning the event in 54.33.

Just .11 seconds back and also missing the standard was Viktoriia Andreeva, who grabbed the silver in 54.44. The bronze went to Natalia Lovtcova in 54.48.

Men’s 100 Fly- Semifinal

  • Russian record: 51.26, Yevgeny Korotyshkin
  • Olympic selection standard: 52.16
  1. Aleksandr Sadovnikov, Volgograd: 52.52
  2. Nikolay Skvortsov, Kaluga: 52.84
  3. Roman Shevliakov, St. Petersburg: 52.94
  4. Viacheslav Prudnikov, St. Petersburg: 53.11
  5. Vitaly Melnikov, Moscow City: 53.18
  6. Egor Kuimov, Tatarstan: 53.25
  7. Stanislav Stepanov, Moscow: 53.93
  8. Mikhail Dovgalyuk, Moscow: 54.09

No swimmers made it in under the Olympic standard in the men’s 100 fly semifinals. In fact, in order to make the Olympic team in finals, it will take a time a tenth of a second under the Russian record set by Yevgeny Korotyshkin; swimmers will need to go 52.16.

Aleksandr Sadovnikov will be the top seed in finals, after swimming 52.52 in tonight’s semis. Nikolay Skvortsov and Roman Shevliakov both also came in under 53, with Skvortsov swimming 52.84 and Shevliakov qualifying third in 52.94.

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5 years ago

Vlad was 21.69

5 years ago

European record for Rylov 1.54.21

5 years ago

Spilits: 26.66 28.51 (55.17) 29.21 (1:24.38) 29.83 = 1:54.21
Going out pretty fast!! He is going to be on the podium in Rio. But Larkin is still untouchable!!

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