2014 World Short Course Championships: Day Three Finals Real-Time Recap

Tonight’s finals once again has some exciting match ups. A few include Femke Heemskerk, Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Sarah Sjostrom battling for the gold in the 100 freestyle. Vadimir Morozov, Cesar Cielo and Florent Manaudou facing off in the 50 freestyle. Jeanette Ottesen, Inge Dekker and Sarah Sjostrom going head to head in the women’s 50 butterfly.

We will also be on the look out for more world records as Mireia Belmonte will be looking to break her own record in the 400 freestyle while Katinka Hosszu looks to do the same in the 100 IM.

2014 Short Course World Championships


  • World Record: 1:45.92 – Denmark – 2013

The Danish team started off the evening in style breaking their own world record in the women’s 4 x 50 medley. The team consisting of Mie Nielsen, Rikke Moller Pedersen, Jeantte Ottesen and Pernille Blume won the event in a time of 1:44.04.

  • Nielsen – 26.39
  • Pedersen – 29.56
  • Ottesen – 24.09
  • Blume – 24.00

The world record in this swim was a tremendous feat, but Ottesen’s butterfly split was also impressive. The world record in the event is held by Therese Alshammar who posted a 24.38 in 2009. This sets up what could be an incredible race in tonight’s 50 butterfly final between Ottesen, Dekker and Sjostrom.

After destroying the American record in the morning the team made up of Felicia Lee, Emma Reaney, Claire Donahue and Natalie Coughlin broke it once again. In the morning swim the Americans posted a time of 1:46.82 and in the finals recorded a 1:44.92.

The French also set a new national record picking up the bronze posting a time of 1:45.89.

The Chinese women finished fourth followed by the Italians and the Brazilians who both touched in a time of 1:46.47.

The Russians finished seventh in a time of 1:46.50 followed by the Japanese who hit the wall in a time of 1:46.72.


  • 2012 World Champ: 23.04 – Robert Hurley – Australia 
  • 2010 World Champ: 22.93 – Stanislav Donets – Russia
  • Meet Record: 22.93 – Stanislav Donets – Russia – 2010
  • World Record: 22.61 – Peter Marshall – United States

Florent Manaudou posted the fastest 50 backstroke qualifying for the final in a time of 22.97. His time is the fastest time posted in the world so far this year taking over the top spot in the world rankings from American Eugene Godsoe who had recorded a 23.00 earlier in the year.

Albert Subirats had the second fastest qualifying time finishing in a time of 23.17 followed closely by Godsoe who touched in a time of 27.19.

American Matt Grevers was the next fastest qualifier posting a 23.27 followed by 100 backstroke champion Mitch Larkin of Australia and Lavarans Solli of Norway who both touched in a time of 23.33.

Solli’s time beats his own national record of 23.51 which he set in 2012.

Chris Walker-Hebborn of Great Britain was the next fastest qualifier finishing in a time of 23.34 followed by Russian Stanislav Donets who recorded a 23.41.


  • 2012 World Champ: 52.31 – Britta Steffen – Germany
  • 2010 World Champ: 51.45 – Ranomi Kromowidjojo – Netherlands
  • Meet Record: 51.45 – Ranomi Kromowidjojo – Netherlands – 2010
  • World Record: 51.01 – Libby Trickett – Australia – 2009

The women’s 100 freestyle did not disappoint as Femke Heemskerk, Sarah Sjostrom, Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Bronte Campbell battled for the gold. Campbell turned at the 50 meter mark in the lead posting a split time of 24.59 followed by Kromowidjojo (24.78), Sjostrom (24.93), Michelle Coleman (24.95) and Heemskerk (25.05).

In the second half of the race Heemskerk passed the top four women, splitting a 26.32 and taking the race in a time of 51.37 just ahead of Sjostrom who posted a 51.39. Kromowidjojo picked up the bronze in a time of 51.47 followed by Campbell who touched in a time of 51.65.

Heemskerk’s time was a lifetime best beating her previous best of 51.62 which was the top ranked time coming into the event. She was also just nine one-hundredths of a second off of Kromowidjojo’s Dutch national record.

Coleman finished fifth in a time of 51.92 followed by Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace of the Bahamas who finished in a time of 52.34.

Miki Uchida of Japan finished seventh in a time of 52.35 followed by Russian Veronika Popova who recorded a time of 52.45.


  • 2012 World Champ: 22.22 – Nicholas Santos – Brazil
  • 2010 World Champ: 22.40 – Albert Subirats – Venezuela  
  • Meet Record: 22.22 – Nicholas Santos – Brazil – 2012
  • World Record: 21.80 – Steffen Deibler – Germany – 2009

Chad le Clos of South Africa was the fastest qualifier in the men’s 50 butterfly posting a time of 22.20 breaking Brazilian Nicholas Santos‘ championship record of 22.22 which was set in 2012.

Santos qualified with the second fastest time recording a 22.48 he was followed by Yauhen Tsurkin of Belarus who touched in a time of 22.54.

Aleksandr Popkov of Russian and Francois Heersbrandt of Belgium tied qualifying with the fourth fastest time of 22.59.

Andrii Govorov of the Ukraine qualified in sixth with a 22.61 followed by American Tom Shields who posted a 22.70 and Mehdy Metella of France who recorded a 22.71.


  • 2012 World Champ: 2:02.24 – Daryna Zevina – Ukraine 
  • 2010 World Champ: 2:01.67 – Alexianne Castel – France
  • Meet Record: 2:00.91 – Kristy Coventry – Zimbabwe – 2008 
  • World Record: 2:00.03 – Missy Franklin – United States – 2011

Yesterday evening Hungarian Katinka Hosszu started off her evening by breaking the world record in the 100 backstroke and started her night tonight in the the same manner. Hosszu won the women’s 200 backstroke in a time of 1:59.23, becoming the first woman to break the two minute mark in the event and taking a significant amount of time off of Missy Franklin‘s world record of 2:00.03.

  • Franklin – 28.64/58.86 (30.22)/1:29.61 (30.75)/2:00.03 (30.42)
  • Hosszu – 28.17/58.36 (30.19)/1:30.37 (30.41)/1:59.23 (30.46)

Hosszu’s best coming into the competition was a 2:00.85 which she posted in Dubai in August.

Even though Australian Emily Seebhom finished almost a second behind Hosszu she had an impressive race as well touching in a time of 2:00.13. She took a full second off of Belinda Hocking‘s Australian record of 2:01.24 and just missed the old world record by one one-hundredth of a second.

Coming into the competition Seebhom had a lifetime best of 2:01.87.

Sayaka Akase of Japan finished third in a time of 2:02.30.

Daryna Zevina of the Ukraine finished fourth in a time of 2:02.44 followed by Madison Wilson of Australia who recorded a 2:02.67.

Canadian Hilary Caldwell finished sixth in a time of 2:03.06 followed by American Elizabeth Beisel who posted a 2:04.22 and Simona Baumrtova of the Czech Republic who finished in a time of 2:04.24.


  • 2012 World Champ: 2:01.35 – Daniel Gyurta – Hungary
  • 2010 World Champ: 2:03.12 – Naoya Tomita – Japan
  • Meet Record: 2:01.35 – Daniel Gyuta – Hungary – 2012
  • World Record: 2:00.48 – Daniel Gyurta – Hungary – 2014

In what was no surprise Daniel Gyurta of Hungary took the men’s 200 breaststroke in a time of 2:01.49. Gyurta had complete control of the race turning at the 100 meter mark in a time of 58.73 and finishing in a time of 2:01.49. His time is over a second off his world record of 2:00.48 which he posted earlier this year.

Marco Koch of Germany collected the silver finishing in a time of 2:01.91 which was also off his season’s best of 2:01.28.

Russian Kirill Prigoda and Yasuhiro Koseki of Japan had a tremendous race for the bronze with only two hundredths between them at the 150 meter mark the two battled through the last 50 with Prigoda taking the final medal in a time of 2:02.38. Koseki finished fourth in a time of 2:02.45.

Tomas Klobucnik of Slovakia finished fifth in a time of 2:04.29 followed by Yuta Oshikiri of Japan who touched in a time of 2:05.09 and Felipe Silva of Brazil who rcorded a 2:06.74.


  • 2012 World Champ: 25.14 – Lu Ying – China
  • 2010 World Champ: 24.87 – Therese Alshammar – Sweden
  • Meet Record: 24.87 – Therese Alshammar – Sweden – 2010
  • World Record: 24.38 – Therese Alshammar – Sweden – 2009

Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden took the women’s 50 butterfly in a time of 24.58. Sjostrom took over the top spot in the world rankings and broke Therese Alshammar’s championship record of 24.87.

The time is also a lifetime best for Sjostrom who came into the competition with a best of 24.90.

Jeanette Ottesen and Dekker provided incredible excitement in the battle for the silver touching with only two one-hundredth of a second between the two. Ottesen touched in a time of 24.71 beating her own Danish national record of 24.92 while Dekker finished in a time of 24.73.

2012 short course world champion Lu Ying of China finished fourth in a time of 25.21 followed by Silvia Di Pietro of Italy who touched in a time of 25.38. Di Pietro beat her own national record time of 25.78.

Aleksandra Urbanczyk of Poland finished sixth in a time of 25.65. She set a new national mark beating Agata Korc’s record of 26.15.

Melanie Henique of France finished seventh who hit the wall in a time of 25.75 and Daynara De Paula of Brazil who finished in a time of 25.94.


  • 2012 World Champ: 3:39.15 – Paul Biedermann – Germany 
  • 2010 World Champ: 3:37.06 – Paul Biedermann – Germany
  • Meet Record: 3:35.01 – Grant Hackett – Australia – 1999
  • World Record: 3:32.25 – Yannick Agnel – France – 2012

Hungarian Peter Bernek took over the lead in the men’s 400 freestyle at the 100 meter mark and never looked back. Bernek took down Grant Hackett‘s 1999 championship record of 3:35.01 and took over the top spot in the world rankings beating the 3:37.10 that Sun Yang posted earlier this year.

Bernek also destroyed the Hungarian record of 3:39.52 set by Gergo Kis in 2007.

James Guy of Great Britain finished second in a time of 3:36.35 demolishing the British record of 3:40.22 set by Robbie Renwick in 2008.

Velimir Stjepanovic of Serbia took the bronze in a time of 3:38.17 dipping down under his own national record mark of 3:38.32.

Ous Mellouli of Tunisia finished fourth in a time of 3:39.05 followed by Jordan Harrison of Australia who posted a 3:39.11.

Canadian Ryan Cochrane finished sixth in a time of 3:39.29 followed by Mads Glaesner who touched in a time of 3:39.55 and Daniel Smith of Australia who finished in a time of 3:39.63.


  • 2012 World Champ: 1:03.52 – Ruta Meilutyte – Lithuania
  • 2010 World Champ: 1:03.98 – Rebecca Soni – United States 
  • Meet Record: 1:03.52 -Ruta Meilutyte – Lithuania – 2012
  • World Record: 1:02.36 – Ruta Meilutyte – Lithuania – 2012

Ruta Meilutyte was the fastest qualifier in the women’s 100 breaststroke finishing in a time of 1:02.43 taking over the top spot in the world rankings. Meilutyte broke her own competition record of 1:03.52 and was only seven one-hundredths of a second away from her world record of 1:02.36.

Jamaican Alia Atkinson qualified second in a time of 1:03.59. Atkinson was well off her season’s best of 1:02.54 which she posted just over a month ago.

Moniek Nijhuis of the Netherlands was the next fastest qualifier recording a time of 1:03.96.

Sally Hunter qualified with the fourth fastest time of 1:04.23 followed by Jinglin Shi of China (1:04.54), Rikke Moller Pedersen of Denmark (1:04.71), Fanny Lecluyse of Belgium (1:04.87) and Jennie Johansson of Sweden (1:05.04).


  • 2012 World Champ: 58.49 – Katinka Hosszu – Hungary
  • 2010 World Champ: 58.95 – Ariana Kukors – United States
  • Meet Record: 58.49 – Katinka Hosszu – Hungary – 2012
  • World Record: 56.86 – Katinka Hosszu – Hungary – 2014

Katinka Hosszu has gone two for two on the evening. Not only two for two in the win department, but has now set two world record marks on the third day of finals in Doha. Hosszu, who broke the 200 backstroke world record earlier in the evening, returned to the pool to break her own world record mark in the 100 IM. She took the event in a time of 56.70 beating her previous mark of 56.86 which she set earlier this year.

This is now the sixth time in the last year that she has set a new standard originally breaking the record of 57.74 set by Hinkelien Schreuder in 2009.

Siobhan-Marie O’Connor of Great Britain finished second in a time of 57.83 breaking her own British record of 58.26 which she set at the European Championships last year. O’Connor is also approaching the Commonwealth record of 57.53 which is held by Australian Alicia Coutts.

Emily Seebhom picked up her second medal of the evening finishing third in a time of 58.19.

Alia Atkinson finished fourth in a time of 58.58 followed by Ruta Meilutyte who touched in a time of 58.73.

American Melanie Margalis finished sixth in a time of 58.86 followed by Amit Ivry of Israel who posted a 59.17 and Evelyn Verraszto of Hungary who touched in a time of 59.31.


  • 2012 World Champ: 20.55 – Vladimir Morozov – Russia
  • 2010 World Champ: 20.51 – Cesar Cielo – Brazil
  • Meet Record: 20.51 – Cesar Cielo – Brazil – 2010
  • World Record: 20.30 – Roland Schoeman – South Africa – 2009

Olympic champion Florent Manaudou of France decided to join the world record party setting the fourth of the evening. Manaudou took the 50 freestyle in a time of 20.26 breaking Roland Schoeman’s record of 20.30 which was set in 2009. He came into the competition with a lifetime best of 20.51 which he posted earlier this year.

Italian Marco Orsi picked a fantastic time to throw down his first best time in the event since 2009. Orsi picked up the silver in a time of 20.69 breaking his own national record of 20.93.

The battle between Brazilian Cesar Cielo and Russian Vlad Morozov was a good one, it was just a surprise that it was for the bronze. Cielo out touched Morozov by one one-hundredth of a second to take the final medal in the event. Cielo posted a time of 20.88 followed by Morozov who recorded a 20.89.

American Josh Schneider finished fifth in a time of 20.97 followed by Australian Cameron McEvoy who posted a 21.15.

Andrii Govorov of the Ukraine finished seventh in a time of 21.21 followed by Clement Mignon of France who touched in a time of 21.35.


  • 2012 World Champ: 4:01.18 – Melanie Costa Schmidt – Spain
  • 2010 World Champ: 3:57.07 – Katie Hoff – United States
  • Meet Record: 3:57.07 – Katie Hoff – United States – 2010
  • World Record: 3:54.52 – Mireia Belmonte Garcia – Spain – 2013

Mireia Belmonte of Spain took the women’s 400 freestyle in a time of 3:55.76. Belmonte went after her own world record right from the start splitting a 1:56.92 at the 200 meter mark which was just ahead of her world record pace of 1:57.06. She was over her world record pace by one one-hundredth of a second heading into the final 100 meters, but fell off after that point.

Belmonte did set a new championship record mark beating Katie Hoff’s record of 3:57.07 which she set in 2010.

Sharon van Rouwendaal of the Netherlands took the silver in a time of 3:57.76. van Rouwedaal destroyed her own national record of 4:01.36 which she set just a couple of weeks ago.

Zhang Yufei of China finished just ahead of Chihiro Igarashi of Japan for the bronze touching in a time of 2:59.51. Igarashi finished fourth in a time of 3:59.59.

Boglarka Kapas of Hungary finished fifth in a time of 4:00.27 followed by Jazz Carlin of Great Britain who posted a 4:02.32.

American Elizabeth Beisel finished seventh in a time of 4:03.83 followed by Leah Neale of Australia who touched in a time of 4:06.45.


  • 2012 World Champ: 1:49.63 – Ryan Lochte – United States
  • 2010 World Champ: 1:50.08 – Ryan Lochte – United States 
  • Meet Record: 1:49.63 – Ryan Lochte – United States – 2012
  • World Record: 1:49.63 – Ryan Lochte – United States – 2012

 Kosuke Hagino of Japan took the final individual event of the evening posting a time of 1:50.47. Hagino and American Ryan Lochte had a close battle throughout the entire race until Hagino pulled away in the final 50 meters.

Heading into the freestyle Lochte had a lead of two one-hundredths of a second over Hagino, but gave up almost a second to the Japanese swimmer in the final split. Hagino swum the final 50 in a time of 26.64 compared to 27.50 for Lochte.

Lochte picked up the silver touching in a time of 1:51.31.

Daiya Seto of Japan finished third in a time of 1:51.79.

Brazilian Henrique Rodrigues finished fourth in a time of 1:52.63 followed by Philip Heintz of Germany who recorded a 1:52.81.

Marcin Cieslak of Poland finished sixth in a time of 1:53.91 followed by Diogo Carvalho of Portugal who posted a 1:54.03 and Yakov Yan Toumarkin of Israel who recorded a 1:54.36.


  • 2012 World Champ: 3:31.01 – United States
  • 2010 World Champ: 3:28.54 – Netherlands
  • Meet Record: 3:28.54 – Netherlands – 2010
  • World Record: 3:28.22 – Netherlands – 2008

The night started with a women’s relay record, why not end the night with a women’s relay record. The Dutch team made up of Inge Dekker, Femke Heemskerk, Maud van der Meer and Ranomi Kromowidjojo won the women’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay in a time of 2:26.53 taking down the world record of 3:28.22 set by another team from the Netherlands in 2008.

They also beat a world’s best of 3:27.53 which was set by a European All-Star team in 2011.

Netherlands 2014

  • Inge Dekker – 52.39
  • Femke Heemskerk – 50.58
  • Maud van der Meer – 52.55
  • Ranomi Kromowidjojo – 51.01

Netherlands 2008

  • Hinkelien Schreuder – 52.88
  • Ranomi Kromowidjojo – 52.12
  • Inge Dekker – 52.24
  • Marleen Veldhuis – 50.98

European All-Stars 2011

  • Jeanette Ottesen – 52.39
  • Fran Halsall – 51.37
  • Aliaksandra Herasimenia – 52.21
  • Ranomi Kromowidjojo – 51.36

The American team consisting of Natalie Coughlin, Abbey Weitzeil, Madison Kennedy and Shannon Vreeland finished second in a time of 3:27.70 breaking the American record of 3:28.46 set in 2011.

The Italians finished third in a time of 3:29.48 just ahead of the Danish team that posted a 3:29.86.

The Chinese finished fifth followed by the Japanese that posted a time of 3:32.31.

The Brazilians finished seventh in a time of 3:33.93 followed by the Germans who touched in a time of 3:34.71.


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Does anyone know a live stream for this ? i really want to see the finals


donahue lost that race ! lee, reaney and coughlin all won their respective legs but donahue lost hers by over a second which is too much for 50 meter race


Jaaaaa! Sådan Danmark!

Very impressive swim, all 4 girls swam better than our previous record.

Now I hope Jeanette can save a bit of energy for the 50 fly and the 4×100 free later. 🙂

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