2014 European Championships rosters roundup as of May

With the European Championships lurking in mid-August as one of the premier international meets of the year, a number of European teams have already finalized or preliminarily announced their rosters.

To help keep you up to speed, we’ve compiled a list of the rosters we’ve reported on up to this point. Below is a full listing of countries, with links to their full rosters. Keep in mind that a few of these nations still have qualifying open for a few more weeks or through several more selected events. In those cases, the rosters are listed as current, but not finalized in the linked article.

We’ve also included a couple of the bigger names from each roster.

Some of the notable federations without finalized rosters yet: Great Britain (which should add names like Ben Proud and Francesca Halsall among many others), Lithuania (and young superstar breaststroker Ruta Meilutyte), and Hungary (Iron Lady Katinka Hosszu would be a safe bet).

The European Swimming Championships will take place August 13-24 in Berlin, Germany. The diving and pool swimming portions are scheduled for the 18th through 24th, with synchro and open water taking up the first week of competition.

You can find more info on the meet on the Berlin 2014 website. A list of all 43 participating nations is here.

  • Russia
    • Vlad Morozov, Daria Ustinova
  • France
    • Yannick Agnel, Camille Lacourt
  • Germany
    • Paul Biedermann, Marco Koch
  • Spain
    • Mireia Belmonte Garcia, Melani Costa
  • Italy
    • Ilari Bianch, Gregorio Paltrinieri
  • Sweden
    • Sarah Sjostrom, Michelle Coleman
  • Denmark
    • Rikke Moller Pedersen, Lotte Friis
  • The Netherlands
    • Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Femke Heemskerk
  • Finland
    • Matias Koski, Hanna-Maria Seppälä
  • Switzerland
    • Danielle Villars, Nils Liess

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