20-21 Pro Swim Series Adds Irvine Stop in November With Morning Finals

USA Swimming has updated its 2020-2021 national events calendar, adding a second Pro Swim Series stop in November and announcing night prelims and morning finals for half of the Pro Swim Series.

2020-2021 Pro Swim Series – Irvine Addition

USA Swimming has announced a sixth stop on its 2020-2021 Pro Swim Series. Irvine, California will host the meet, which comes just one week after the series opener in Richmond. Here’s a look at the new, updated Pro Swim Series schedule for the 2020-2021 season:

The two November meets happen on opposite ends of the country, which could allow athletes to limit travel distance during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The remaining five events on the series are still identical to what USA Swimming announced back in April.

Pro Swim Series – Morning Finals For Olympic Prep

The Pro Swim Series will officially flip-flop the traditional prelims/finals model at three of its six stops, holding heats in the evening and finals the following morning. USA Swimming says that decision is meant to mimic the schedule for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, giving top U.S. athletes experience in that format before the Olympics in the summer of 2021. The Olympics will also host evening heats and morning finals to align with television schedules.

Three of the six stops will feature the morning finals schedule:

Evening vs Morning Finals

  • Richmond: morning finals
  • Irvine: morning finals
  • Knoxville: evening finals
  • San Antonio: evening finals
  • Mission Viejo: morning finals
  • Indianapolis: evening finals

There’s no official schedule or start times yet. USA Swimming says those will be announced at a later date.

USA Swimming still notes that its event schedule “will be subject to local, state and federal health guidelines.”

You can see the full USA Swimming national events calendar here.

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Mrs. Swimming
3 months ago

For these to run it would require a green light on gatherings of well over 100 people yeah?

Very much hope we see national competitions in November but I’m feeling like that may be unlikely.

3 months ago

Odds this gets cancelled?

Reply to  Ervin
3 months ago

holding a swim meet just seems so unrealistic right now

Reply to  Ervin
3 months ago

At least it’s outdoors? I still think odds are good it will get cancelled.

Reply to  Ervin
3 months ago

Based on the news I see coming out of the US…low

Reply to  Ervin
3 months ago

Things need to clear up by Oct 1 for this to happen and then the state has be allowing gatherings up to 500 people. Kids are returning to school in the fall seems like a recipe for covid to still be spreading. I’d give it a 1/4 to 1/3 chance of happening so probably not gonna happen.

3 months ago

The state just went into another near total shutdown. I don’t see November having gatherings of 400+ people, even outside, being a thing

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