13 Tips for Seeking and Securing Sponsorship

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January 21st, 2016 Gear, Lifestyle, Opinion

Sponsorship is not just for Olympians anymore.  You may be the perfect brand ambassador for your favorite swimwear or sports brand.

Join the AMANZI Girls on their road to Rio in the AMANZI Rio One Piece

Join the AMANZI Girls on their road to Rio in the AMANZI Rio One Piece

To be a swimmer at any level, you must be dedicated, determined and driven. Sound familiar? These are the core values of the AMANZI Swimwear team, who are dedicated, determined and driven to deliver 100% chlorine resistant swimwear that is fashion forward and functional. Therefore, athletes perfectly embody their brand.

AMANZI Swimwear has some tips on how to help you land that sponsorship.


Do find a brand with a personality that matches yours. Many brands have a distinct personality, find one that fits yours.


Do choose a brand whose products you have used or worn before, to know they are brand which fits both your personality and you physically.


Don’t send a generic sponsorship application to numerous brands. It is obvious when brands receive generic applications that do not use the brand’s name or specify anything unique about the brand itself. This is a big turn off for brands, because they are looking for athletes who understand and embody their brand’s personality. So be sure to highlight why the brand stands out to you.


Don’t undersell yourself! Demonstrate why you are different, whether it is because of your results, your personality or even your connections.


Do try to get noticed by the brand before applying. This can easily be done via social media, by following the brand, commenting on their photos or even better, tagging them in photos of you with their products.


Do understand the different levels of sponsorship available. There is the possibility of paid sponsorships, although these are generally for elite athletes or have more onerous requirements on the athlete. The majority of brands do however offer sponsorships in terms of free products in return for product promotion and exposure. Exposure can be around pool deck, at competitions or training, through social media or in your community.

Up and coming Australian Swimmer Calypso Sheridan is a sponsored AMANZI Girl

Up and coming Australian Swimmer Calypso Sheridan is a sponsored AMANZI Girl


Do market yourself and market the brand. In the age of social media, brands now often look to an athlete’s online personality and reach to determine their potential value, including your social media, blog and even your own website. But it’s not simply the number of followers or friends you have, your social media profiles can say a lot about you and it is often easy to tell whether you will be the right fit for the brand just from your swimming selfies.


Don’t be put off if social media isn’t for you! Brands recognize the potential influence of athletes within their own communities, regardless of social media.


Do demonstrate to a brand unique ways you can spread the word about their brand, for instance, as a coach or within your club.


Do keep up your commitment to the brand. Securing the sponsorship isn’t the end of it! Remember that your sponsor has made a commitment to you and are looking for the same commitment in return.


Do keep your sponsor up to date with your race schedule, training progress, results and even better, photos in their products.


Do give your sponsor feedback! This is a great opportunity to give one of your favorite brands feedback and even your own ideas, which is always greatly appreciated coming from athletes who wear and use their products.


Do understand the NCAA rules regarding sponsorship and college swimming. Paid sponsorships constitute an athlete turning professional and therefore prohibit an athlete from competing at college-level. However, product sponsorships do not infringe on these NCAA Amateurism rules.

AMANZI Girl Laura Dennis is a young Australian triathlete

AMANZI Girl Laura Dennis is a young Australian triathlete

So if you think you have what it takes, AMANZI Swimwear is looking for US athletes to become some of the first American AMANZI Girls to join the team, alongside Team USA Triathlete Erin Jones. Apply online at our website – www.amanziswimwear.com/sponsor. Please note, AMANZI Sponsorship is solely a product-based sponsorship, therefore sponsored athletes remain eligible for NCAA swimming.

About AMANZI Swimwear

‘AMANZI’ (a-marn-zee) meaning water in Zulu, is an Australian sports swimwear company specializing in chlorine resistant training swimwear for competitive and active swimmers.

AMANZI understand that swimwear is not just something you swim in, it should also be a reflection of your unique style and personality. They put a great deal of thought and effort into their prints and styles so that you can feel comfortable in your swimsuit and look great!

Apply today to become a member of the AMANZI Girls Tribe!

Apply today to become a member of the AMANZI Girls Tribe!




Swimming Info is courtesy of Amanzi, a SwimSwam partner.

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This is a great article, thanks for writing it. I love the pictures too.

Nazlie Manchest

Wow super, this would be so great as a swimming teacher I go thru costumes very quickly. And I always get people asking me about swimwear. I would be so lucky to get something in a 38 south african size. But with a bit of cover on the legs.


So getting free products doesn’t get rid of NCAA eligibility?

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