12 Swimmers and their Favorite Pump Up Songs

1 – Kickstart My Heart- Mötley Crüe

“I don’t really need to explain it, if you just listen to it once. It’s the perfect song before a sprint race.”

— Eddie

2 – No miracles- Kid Ink, Elle Varner, & MGK

“It reminds me that nothing is impossible, everything is achievable and that I’ve been swimming and practicing and working to become better for so long that i know I’m ready for whatever event I’m about to swim.”

— Darrel

3 – Lucky strike- Maroon 5

“Because my best friend and I sing it together all the time.”

— Kayla

4 –  Till I Collapse- Eminem

“I repeat the song over and over in my head during every race for the past few years. Keeps me going when I feel like I have no more breath and energy left.”

— Dan

5 – Chocolate- The 1975

“Always my go-to when getting off the bus for a meet.”

— Serena

6 – The Phoenix- Fallout Boy

“It always happened to play on my phone right before a meet so I came to associate it with with the pre meet adrenaline feeling.”

— Esme

7 – Jaws Theme Song

“If I listen to it on repeat for about a half hour right before my race it gets stuck in my head and I can imagine being chased by a shark while I swim.”

— Mia

8 – Ricky Ricardo-Kaptn

“It’s a Montville swim team thing.”

— Jon

9 – Uptown funk – Bruno Mars

“A little ridiculous but it makes me feel loose and excited to dive in for a race.”

— Alison

10 – Eye of the Tiger-Survivor

“It’s the pump up song to all pump up songs. Not to mention it’s got a great beat and really puts you in the mood to get some work done.”

— Cathy

11. Beam Me Up-Cazette

“It has a good beat and its’ lyrics specifically say ‘I think we’re getting closer don’t stop now…don’t look down’ so it’s motivational. It helps me stay positive and get excited for my race.”

— Lauren

12. Till I Collapse- Eminem

“It’s my favorite pump up song because I love the feeling when its blasting through my headphones on full volume. It has a great beat that gets my adrenaline pumping and the lyrics are also really empowering.”

— Kayla

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6 years ago

Lost In The Moment by NF is good song makes me push myself because it might be the last time I have a chance to win that race or the last time I swim because anything could happen

6 years ago

My favorite song before a meet is sticks and stones by Jónsi. It always puts a smile on my face makes impossible possible.

6 years ago

Victorious or Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! at the Disco

6 years ago

when I was younger(5-6) I used to think there your sharks chasing me in the pull. I love listening to eminem to give confidence

Jackson Gurley
7 years ago

Till I collapse is the best pump up song there is.

7 years ago

“TILL I COLLAPSE” gives goosebumps every time i listen it.

7 years ago

Anything Disturbed or Godsmack. 🙂

7 years ago

Darude – Sandstorm

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