10 Steps to Make a Massive Swim Cap

How many swimmers have made a massive swim cap?  Basically everyone, right? I mean, if you’ve done club swimming, year-round, then you’ve made a massive swim cap and more (towel tags, bubble rings, taper beards).

If, for any reason, you have not made a massive swim cap, it’s time to get started.


Use an old latex cap, a practice cap, one that’s been eaten at by chlorine for awhile.


Always make a massive cap at the end of practice, a good one, a grinder, a swim practice you can feel good about (or during taper time). For some reason making a massive cap always works better when you’ve done the work in the pool. Endorphins are high, everyone’s pumped, and the cap gets bigger faster…or at the right pace…the pace that doesn’t break the cap too soon.


Three swimmers can be enough to make a massive cap, each grabbing the cap’s edge, gripping it tightly.


Once you’ve got the grip, start moving the cap up and down slowly underwater, and you’ll feel the latex cap begin to expand.


Don’t rush! Take your time. Do it slowly. Slower is better. (Perhaps mid-distance and distance swimmers are better at making massive caps?)


Once your cap is big enough to fit a swimmer inside, have the swimmer push-up on two of the massive cap-makers shoulders and slowly hop into the massive cap.


Once the swimmer is inside of the massive continue the slow moments, continue expanding the latex cap until the massive cap engulfs the person.


Go for broke…put a second swimmer inside the massive cap (something I’ve witnessed). NOTE: Do this slowly per #6.


Once you’ve master massive cap making, capture video. (Nothing happens unless you’ve recorded it.)


Post to youtube and email to swimswam. We will post, but don’t forget to add a link to your team’s website. We will write a nice note about the club team…as any team that makes massive caps are truly swim-esque and deserves a nice mention.

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