10 Reasons Why Michael Phelps’ Return To Swimming Is Awesome


22 Olympic medals and counting.  Can he win 23, 24, 25…28?

Michael Phelps, 2012 Olympic Gold, 200 IM (courtesy of USpresswire)

Michael Phelps, 2012 Olympic Gold, 200 IM (courtesy of USpresswire)


More iconic photos like this one. Nobody poses like a winner quite as Phelps does in swimming – perhaps that’s because he’s had more practice than anybody else in history:

2008 Olympic Final, 100 Butterfly: Michael Phelps celebrations winning by .01 (courtesy of USpresswire)

2008 Olympic Games Final, 100 Butterfly: Michael Phelps celebrates winning by .01 (courtesy of USpresswire)


Rivalries. The Phelps-Lochte rivalry. Where will these guys cross swords? 100 backstroke? 100 butterfly? 200 IM? Or even better yet – the Phelps-le Clos rivalry. Phelps was upset by the young South African Chad le Clos in the 200 fly at his final Olympics, and le Clos has only gotten better in Phelps 18-months absence from the sport. Our guess is that it’s unlikely that Phelps tries for the 200 fly in Rio, but he’ll be itching to tie up a loose end in the 100 fly against the defending World Champion le Clos.

Michael Phelps v Ryan Lochte, US Olympic Trials (courtesy of Tim Binning)

Michael Phelps v Ryan Lochte, US Olympic Trials (courtesy of Tim Binning)


Phelps’ schedule is anyone’s guess, endless swim-geek fodder for the swimming masses. Here’s one to set you off: imagine Michael Phelps vs. Yannick Agnel in the 100 free final in Rio. Training partners, behemoths, neither really started as a sprint freestyler…awesome.

Swim Geeks, Marvel-Character-Swim-Goggles


Bob Bowman’s NBAC Super Team just became Swimming’s official Dream Team! Think about a dual meet with SwimMAC (we’re convinced it’s going to happen), now with Lochte vs. Phelps added into the debate. Choose your team, boys and girls!


The Phelps Family show courtesy of NBC Sports.  Debbie and Michael’s sisters have become their own show. During the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games they got as much prime time TV as a network Hollywood lead. And they’ve put their stardom to good use. Debbie Phelps is one of Baltimore’s biggest fundraisers. No, we imagine about 50% of our readers don’t care much about Phelps’ family, but I’d imagine almost all of them care about the fact that people care enough about Phelps’ family for NBC to feature them. Inception.

Phelps and Family (courtesy of Tim Binning)

Phelps and Family (courtesy of Tim Binning)


More Phelps references in Comedy Central’s’ Workaholics:


For Team USA, the 4×100 Freestyle Relay just got a boost of nitro! Could we go back to 2008?

2008 Olympic Final, 4x100 Free Relay: Michael Phelps celebrations Jason Lezaks glorious anchor leg (courtesy of USpresswire)

2008 Olympic Final, 4×100 Free Relay: Michael Phelps celebrates Jason Lezak’s glorious anchor leg (courtesy of USpresswire)


Phelps’ dog, Herman, gets more media profiles like this one:


Higher rating and more growth.  Phelps equals more kids in the sport. FINA, USA Swimming, all NGBs can run their marketing programs 24/7, 365 days a year. They simply do not net the same results of the greatest ambassador of Olympic swimming. Phelps has made the dream of being a swim star a childhood goal for millions of kids around the world.

The above are 10 of our reasons. What are yours?

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Yes, as I have also said before, Phelps “comeback” will be good for the sports, the fans and himself.
Anyone else who denies this is delusional.


Does anyone know if aswimfan predicted this would happen?


I don’t know man. Something about mark his words


lol. 😀


Slightly off topic but Alain Bernard’s face in that photo of the US team celebrating their win is priceless.



He’s the GOAT. Period.

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