Top German swimmer Marco Koch uses hypnosis to get into ‘the right flow’

Looking at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Koch and his coach are trying new ways to improve perfomances.

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‘Why we love Virginia Swimming’ – a message from Virginia’s Class of 2019

In light of a few recent allegations and related negative press regarding the University of Virginia men’s swim team, we, the incoming men’s Class of 2019, want to share our perspective.


Following the Feet: Part 6 – Not Defeated

“Never cry about swimming,” the senior swimmer consoles the younger girl who shivers under her towel.


College Recruiting: There is Nothing Magic About July 1

Don’t panic if you have not received a ton of calls on July 1. This is only the first day that D-I coaches are “allowed” to start making calls.


Trojan Swimmers Pinzon and Dvariskyte Make A Very Funky Couple

“We met a year ago and it was love at first sight. Rami was quite upfront about it, she was actually the one that asked me out. We went for sushi after a swim,” Omar recalls.

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What is The Art of Swim Parenting?

Being a swim parent is not easy. If it were, we would likely have 2 million registered USA Swimming members, rather than 400,000.


How to stay motivated for college swimming in the summer

Let’s face it- it’s almost the middle summer and if you’re like me you’ve hit a low point in your…

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Yoga for Swimmers: 4 Ways Mindfulness Can Improve Your Swimming Performance

Learning how to quiet the mind and focus on the present moment is a powerful way to improve performance…

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11 Tips for Swim Parents About Really, Really Bad Swims

When your swimmer has a really bad swim—I mean an awful one—what do you do? How do you feel?


At age 30, Michael Phelps’ impact on swimming already profound

In honor of Michael Phelps’ 30th birthday, take a look back at the impact he’s already had on the sport of swimming.


5 Lessons You’ve Probably Learned from Swimming

5 Lessons You’ve Probably Learned from Swimming

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Swim Mom Musings: The Why of Summer Swim

“This is where a love of this sport is often fostered.”


Missy Franklin to star alongside Gronkowski, Pippen in FOX special ‘Beat the Champions’

U.S. Olympian Missy Franklin will star in a new FOX TV special called “Beat the Champions,” which will pit her and two other professional athletes against amateur athletes in handicapped competitions.


3 Healthy Dessert Alternatives During Competition Season

This time of year is particularly busy for swimmers. Let’s take a look at three alternatives you can incorporate into your diet to help you stay committed to proper nutrition.