Ye Shiwen being held in high regard

by SwimSwam Staff 2

January 05th, 2013 International, News

Win Olympic Gold in the 200 and 400 IM at the age of 16 and in the process break the Olympic record in the 200, the world record in the 400 and become the first woman to ever swim a faster last 50 than there male counterpart in the same event and you will catch the attention of just a few.

Whether the notoriety comes after these phenomenal accomplishments because of their face value or because of the suspicion of the use of  performance enhancing drugs, it will make many people’s top 10 news in sports in 2012.

Yi Shiwen did just that. After her accomplishments in London this summer Ye made many top 10 sporting lists for both positive and negative reasons, but in China she made it onto a list that was comprised of more than just athletes.

News China Magazine compiled a list of the top news makers in China in 2012. Ye Shiwen joined public figures on this list that included some the countries most influential and highly regarded citizens such as; Xi Jinping (General Secretary of the Communist Party of China), Mo Yan (Nobel Prize laureate), Liang Wengen (billionaire) and Liu Yang (astronaut).

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Fan from Finland
8 years ago

Not exactly the same thing but also Pellegrini came home last 50m under 30 seconds (29,36) in her 400 free at 2009 WC. Stephanie Rice did under 30 sec last 50m in her 400 IM at the same meeting.

Lochte`s last 50m was just bad and slow. Actually almost everyone in that particular final did the last 50m faster than Lochte, only Pereira and LeClos were little bit slower. Horihata did it under 28 (27,87).

Congratulations on Ye for remarkable pair of swims! It`s pleasant to see suit times shattered since it ends division in textile and suit best times.

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Fan from Finland
8 years ago

yeah, those suits were known to help swimmers come back strong. Biedermann is a perfect example.