Worrell: “You just have to tell yourself ‘Hey I love this'” (Video)

Reported by James Sutherland.


  • US Open Record: 56.38, Sarah Sjostrom, 2015
  • GT Pool Record: 57.60, Rachel Komisarz, 2007
  1. Kelsi Worrell, CARD, 57.50
  2. Hellen Moffitt, NCAC, 58.59
  3. Rebecca Smith, HPCO, 58.72

Kelsi Worrell was out fast in 26.98 and increased her lead coming home, recording a time of 57.50 to break a ten year-old pool record and move to #6 in the world.

Hellen Moffitt had a strong back half to run down Rebecca Smith for 2nd, getting to the wall in 58.59 to Smith’s 58.72. Top seed from this morning Aliena Schmidtke took 4th in 59.04.

In the B final, 17-year-olds Mabel Zavaros (59.29) and Dakota Luther (59.98) both got under the 1:00 barrier.

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