World Junior Record Holder David Popovici Changes Swim Clubs

Talented sprint ace David Popovici has joined a new club in his home nation of Romania. The breakout star of the 2020 Olympic Games has left former club Steaua is now a member of Club Dinamo, with his coach Adrian Radulescu joining him.

Popovici, who turned 17 on September 15th, told SwimSwam that nothing is changing, essentially, except for his team name. “This is just the right choice for me at this point in time,” said the teenager.

In terms of facility differences, Dinamo does have a 50m pool, unlike Steaua, which houses two pools at 33m and 25m each.

Already Romanian Olympian and Team Iron ISL member Robert Glinta welcomed his new teammate onto the squad, saying, “Welcome, little monster.”

At this year’s European Junior Championships, Popovici collected 3 gold medals and 1 silver, including registering a massive new World Junior Record of 47.30 in the 100m freestyle before moving on to his Olympic debut. His highest finish there in Tokyo came in the men’s 200m free, where the then-16-year-old placed 4th, just .02 outside of the bronze medal. He also placed 7th in the 100m free.

You can view SwimSwam’s latest podcast conversation with Popovici from just earlier this month here.

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Norm Van Wieren
1 year ago

If you haven’t seen this kids swim other than the Olympics, go on YouTube. This kid holds a massive amount of water. It’ll be exciting to watch as schedule leads up to the Olympics in Paris. I guarantee you he’s putting a big fat red target on Caleb dressel.

1 year ago

On a side note, why does it take so long for some WJRs to get ratified? Or, even never ratified at all? Qin Haiyang’s 2:07.35 has never been ratified back from 2017. I know the hold-up is usually doping control verification, and that was done at Chinese Nats–does that imply doping protocol at that meet was not up to code?

Popovici’s 47.30 is ratified as the WJR, yet both Hwang Sun Woo and Popovici are listed as interim WJR holders (should be the former, in this case). Are we to believe doping protocol or other administrative procedures are better at EJR’s than the OGs?? None of this makes any sense.

Reply to  HJones
1 year ago

short answer and long answer: because FINA

Reply to  HJones
1 year ago

Let’s also remember that until FINA puts all times into the WJRs, like Thorpe Phelps and missy T, they literally mean nothing. The commenters of this site could do a better job than them

Reply to  Ragnar
1 year ago

Just crowd source this to one swimswam article and it would be done in a few hours

Corn Pop
Reply to  Teddy
1 year ago

Arguments will not cease . There are plenty who would deny Ye Shiwen her 2012 WR & Olympic Gold let alone a WJR.

Reply to  Teddy
1 year ago

pretty much already done.

only changes since are:
m100 free – popovici 47.30
m50 fly – minakov 23.05
w50 breast – pilato 29.30

Ledecky will go under 8 minutes in the 800
1 year ago

Chlorinedaddy 1:42 2024???

There's no doubt that he's tightening up


Daeleb Creseel
1 year ago

No 50m pool, no training partners fast enough for him to chase, didn’t even know how to draft off of someone. Oh boy.

Reply to  Daeleb Creseel
1 year ago

Dude was just chilling up in lane 1, had no idea where anyone else was in the race, yet still drops a 1:44.6 and is only 0.02 outside of the medals. Crazy.

sticky rice
1 year ago

It always amazes me how well some athletes can perform in LCM with limited access to 50m pools for training. I’m scared of what kind of times chlorinedaddy will throw down in the coming years.

1 year ago

The kid gets to train in a 50m pool now after training 25m and 33m? Good lord 0_0

Just give the trophy to the condors already
Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
1 year ago

Champions can rise from harsh traning environment, remember leclos in 2012 , training in a dirty pool back in south africa , no heat in winter

Last edited 1 year ago by Just give the trophy to the condors already

Good point, his 2 fly PB of 1:52.9 is still from that year. 0-0


No heat in the winter, I would be swimming as fast as I could just to get out.

Reply to  Xman
1 year ago

LOL!! You win Xman…funny as.

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