You Won’t Be The Same After Watching Michael Phelps’ New Under Armour Ad

Silence is golden in the newest Under Armour ad featuring 22-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps. The moving tribute to the grueling grind the greatest Olympian of all time goes through on a daily basis is set against the backdrop of the company’s new “Rule Yourself” campaign.

Be mesmerized by taking in Phelps’ extreme work ethic in the pool, in the weight room, even by the way the man sleeps, all aimed at sending the 30-year-old legend to his 5th and final Olympic Games. His facial expressions are raw, his sweat and grunts indicative of just how serious Phelps is this time around.

With The Kills’ “The Last Goodbye” playing in the background, viewers are compellingly drawn into the theme of “It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light.” Absolute chills.

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6 years ago

I am relate cancer patient 3 times torn Achilles Broken collar bone you got to get back up

6 years ago

This is AWESOME! Love the headline, enjoy the story, the concept of Rule Yourself. Its unforgettable! TRY IT! Don’t sit there and knock it until you’ve tried it! Hmm. To Phelps, incredible grind. U ROCK! Amazing story thank you, for being you, & sharing you with US.

6 years ago

The very best Olympian EVER, awe inspiring to see the dedication, the effort and the mental strength to go for 20 years. We will never see another just like we will never see another Secratariat.

7 years ago

Phelps: Are you human?

7 years ago

Loved it as a swimmer and coach I can relate I still get up in the dark to coach my squad for a.m workouts. What’s with all the snarky comments?

Gina Saunders
7 years ago

Love u Mike

Sherry Coburn
7 years ago


Dawnn Helene
7 years ago

Amazing! I keep watching it!

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