When Phelps Orders Coffee, Starbucks Recognizes The GOAT

American swimming legend Michael Phelps continues to kill it on the social media scene since retirement, giving us glimpses into his daily family life, speaking engagements and business ventures. Thanks to an Instagram post earlier this week, we also now know what it feels like when the 23-time Olympic gold medalist orders a simple cup of coffee.

Retrieving drinks for himself, wife and a friend while at an unidentified Starbucks, Phelps was amused with the names written on the cups identifying the drinks. Often teased for misspelling customers’ names, this particular Starbucks got it right, labeling Phelps’ cup as ‘The GOAT’, otherwise known as ‘The Greatest of All Time’ in honor of the 5-time Olympian who racked up a total of 28 Olympic medals. Nicole Phelps‘ cup was labeled ‘Wife of GOAT’, while the companion’s cup bore the name ‘Friend of GOAT’.

Interesting names on our Starbucks cups today 😁🙊made us all laugh #hiltonvillage

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Since appearing on his Instagram account on March 20th, Phelps’ photo has over 177,000 ‘likes’ and included fan comments such as “Starbucks Knows” and “I mean, they ain’t lying.” Others zoomed in on exactly what drink MP ordered, noting the GOAT takes 4 shots of espresso.

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It’s funny because it’s true

I’m curious who the Friend of GOAT is. Hackett ,Schmitt or someone else?

Joe Bagodonuts

Chad – Dissed again!


Schmitt- posted on her snap


Ervin maybe …..

Probably Hackett

Raining Day

It seems that Hackett is not very famous in US then

He is still not the GOAT, nor is Schmitt but, its not like Schmitt didnt have 5 olympic medals in 2012 in that meet alone.


Phelps got married last year. So the cup is right (“Wife of GOAT”) and the article is wrong (“his fiance’e”).

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