What Would Ryan Lochte Do Longest Promo Video Reveals Lochte’s Emotional Side

Ryan Lochte, the 11-time Olympic medalist and swimming star,  reveals more of himself in his longest trailer yet as we near the premiere of his new reality show series, What Would Ryan Lochte Do, April 21st on E! 10pm/9pm central.

Ryan Lochte crying over the support he's gotten from his family.

Ryan Lochte crying over the support he’s gotten from his family.

SwimSwam went on the record early stating we expected to see the E! series reveal Lochte’s vulnerable side, that the series will actually dig into real moments. The longest What Would Ryan Lochte Do trailer shows Lochte becoming emotional, tearing up over the support his family has given him over the years. Lochte cries saying:

“I did something I thought I would never be able to do…and having my family there to support me was…everything.”

The promo video revealed additional narratives we can expect to see over the series:

Ryan’s mom, Ike Lochte, new to the media spotlight, slipped and said her son goes out on one-night stands. She was being truthful in many respects, but it appears the context of the statement was that she’s encouraging him to have a real relationship with women. The media, of course, ran with that one statement, worldwide. Lochte and his mom hit the topic head-on in the series, and encouraging Lochte to find a healthy relationship also appears to be an ongoing theme.

Sister Kristen Lochte, who has actually been a background advisor to her brother for years, appears in the series as well, adding tough love. Older sisiters often don’t hold back, telling it like is, and Kristen delivers here.

Lochte’s mom and his oldest sister will provide context to the series and help to ground Lochte as a human being and not simply a brand, the Lochte brand, with “The Lochte Edge” that has gotten so much buzz.

Yes, we can all expect the crazy-fun side, the narrative that will drive the reality series machine, but E! has been producing these series for years, and they are well aware they have to emotionally hook the audience for them to stay.  What Would Ryan Lochte Do will deliver on all levels, and the world will tune-in.

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oh good God – this is awful


A reality show is what Ryan wanted, and a reality show is what Ryan got. Wishing you the best, kiddo.

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