What is a Swim Mom?

by Donna Hale

First she is the grocery shopper, towel washer, swimsuit buyer, carpool driver and everything in between. She’s the conductor swimmers who make this crazy journey work behind the scenes. Thank her!

Second she is the cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, and one who knows your times better than your coach. Need to know a cut? No problem. Text your mommy. She can not only recite your best times but also when you swam them. Thank her.

Third, she is your guardian angel – a role she will never relinquish all the days of your life. She lives every race in the stands almost feeling every stroke and flip turn. If you look closely in the stands at the next meet, you might see a few quiet tears for an amazing race you swam or even one of a teammate. Swim moms love their swimmers but also their swimmers never ending list of friends bestowed by this sport. Thank your mom and someone else’s too.

Lastly swim moms are the hidden treasure of our sport. They buy the coach gifts, arrange social outings, and yes annoy coaches now and then with questions, emails, and opinions. But it is all coming from their hearts. They love our sport because we all know swimming is a family affair. No other sport requires such hands on involvement to make a competition run. Swimming is a volunteer’s dream sport. Next time you are on deck just watch the moms. Look at the joy in their eyes. And imagine the pride they feel. And by all means, Thank Them.

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Tears in my eyes while reading this, still crying after I finished reading it. I could not have said it better myself. However, swim moms do not require a thank you, whether we are thanked, or not, we will keep doing what we do ….. for love.

Debbie Bohman

I plead guilty to the whole article!! I love the sport of swimming…I am indeed a better person for being part of this sport in my son’s life!!


I was a swim mom times three. Never knew my kids times or the cuts. Never called a coach and annoyed them. When you care more than your kids – you care too much.

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