Watch Rowdy Gaines’ Call For Unbelievable Finish to Auburn-Alabama Football Game

You’ve heard Rowdy Gaines call some of the greatest finishes in swimming history. Phelps over Cavic, Lezak over Alain Bernard…

Now, hear Rowdy Gaines call one of the greatest all-time finishes in football history.

The Auburn-Alabama football game on Saturday night ended on one of those flukish plays that happens once every couple of seasons at any point in any game, but is even more incredible when it’s in a game that is one of the biggest rivalries in the country, in the last play of a tied game, with a spot in the SEC Championship game (and perhaps the NCAA Championship game) on the line. The play was even crazier, in that the game could have ended in a tie, but the Alabama coaches successfully appealed for a second to be put back on the clock just so that they can attempt the field goal.

It’s one of the little-known rules in football, because it happens so infrequently, but on a missed field goal, the defending team has the opportunity to catch the ball and run it back. Usually, it doesn’t matter, because missed field goals go out of play, but on Alabama’s 57-yard attempt, it was the length, not the aim, that was the factor, and so Auburn’s Chris Davis caught the ball, and with blockers leading his way, returned it all the way for a touchdown and a 34-28 Auburn victory.

Rowdy’s wife Judy, enjoying her husband’s pacing and sweaty palms, had the camera turned on the most famous voice in Olympic sports, and caught Rowdy go from an absolute nervous wreck to an unstoppable walking exclamation. For those unaware, Rowdy was an All-American swimmer at Auburn.

One more reminder of how lucky we are to have people like Rowdy in swimming. His enthusiasm for things he loves is incredible, and swimming is fortunately one of those things.

Watch a poorly-bootlegged video of the play below:

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LOVE IT. Easily the best Iron Bowl in recent memory and one of the best football games in history!


Rowdy is a treasure! Here he is in a recent promo for Masters Sports: The Fountain of Youth

Would have expected nothing less from Rowdy! Congrats Tigers… AUsome game!

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