Watch Peaty win 50 Breast at 2015 World Championships – Race Video

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2013 World Champion: Cameron Van Der Burgh, RSA – 26.77
World Record: 26.42 – Adam Peaty, GBR – 2015
Championship Record: 26.42 – Adam Peaty, GBR – 2015

GOLD: Adam Peaty, GBR – 26.51
SILVER: Cameron Van Der Burgh, RSA – 26.66
BRONZE: Kevin Cordes, USA – 26.86

Adam Peaty continues to push the boundaries of reaction time with a legal .57 off the blocks en route to a 26.51 in the men’s 50 breaststroke final.

While the swim didn’t break his semi-finals World Record of 26.42, it is the second-fastest swim in history. This is the same pattern we saw from him at last year’s European Championships, his big break-through, where he broke the record in the semi’s, then back-slid on time, but still won gold, in the finals.

The swim beat out South African and defending champion Cameron van der Burgh (26.66) for the victory.
American Kevin Cordes earned bronze with a 26.86, which is a tenth slower than his American Record swim in the semi-finals. In eight editions of the 50 breaststroke at the World Championships, since 2001, the Americans have now won four minor medals, but not a single gold.

With two of the three defending medalists (Rickard and Zorzi were the others beside van der Burgh) not participating, this final was a reset of the global sprint breaststroke field, with the young Peaty at the top. The rest of the A-final, though, was mostly by chalk. Brazil’s Felipe Franca palced 4th in 26.87 He’s the 2011 champ), and then there was a big drop-off to Damir Dugonjic and Giedrius Titenis, who tied for 5th in 27.23.
New Zealand’s Glenn Snyders (27.36) and Serbia’s Caba Siladi (27.45) took 8th.

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5 years ago

wow peaty was a mile behind after the pullout

Reply to  steven
5 years ago

Looking at the overhead shot, he was about a yard behind before either of them even took their pull. The underwater shot didn’t show VDB doing anything illegal. He must just drive of the block harder and/or enter the water more cleanly. Peaty could go 25 if he could emulate that!!

Victor P
Reply to  Buster
5 years ago

Yeah, he starts off with about a 0.3s disadvantage. If he fixes that, he’s definitely got a legitimate shot at 26.0 by next year, and a 57.5/57.3 in the 100 – CRAZY good. So young. Fix that and then work on 200 endurance. He’ll be unbeatable – 2:05/2:04 for sure.

Reply to  Victor P
5 years ago

yeah even though he had a good reaction time he was still that far behind after the pullout. im surprised he came back from that at all! but yeah definitely if he improves his pullout he could be even faster.

5 years ago

Do Peaty and Meilutyte share a coach? They both seem to consistently get amazing (legal) reaction times.

Reply to  CraigH
5 years ago

Different coaches. Peaty at Derby with Mel Marshall and Ruta at Plymouth with John Rudd. But yeah, fantastic reaction times. I wonder if Peaty is quick because he doesn’t lean back at all but loses speed in the water because of it.

Reply to  Buster
5 years ago

>I wonder if Peaty is quick because he doesn’t lean back at all but loses speed in the water because of it.

Possible. But that can be fixed by creating tension in your arms by pulling the block up instead of back and playing a lot of basketball 🙂

5 years ago

For the record, I live in the United States.
But Rowdy claiming that Cordes’ bronze medal is a second placed highlight next to Ledecky is a legal of patriotic biasm that pisses even me off. Katinka’s 200IM is a completely different tier from Ledecky’s, and Sjostrom’s is probably on par. Cordes’ bronze is probably the 30th best swim we’ve seen this week.

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