WATCH: Germantown Academy Bermuda Training Trip

Germantown Academy went to Bermuda for their training trip this year, and with it comes another awesome training trip video.

It starts off with some belly flops of course, some beautiful island views, some cliff jumping, and the beach – that’s the important stuff. Plus some pretty cool beach back flips and some funny coach dancing, yeah, it’s pretty jam packed.

Currently the Germantown Academy men have only lost once this season, and in fact have their first meet back today against Malvern Preparatory School at home. Tomorrow, they face Hill School.

For the next three weekends (including the upcoming one) they have competitions set up until he IAAL Diving Championships and IAAL Swimming Championships on February 6th and 8th.

The last meet on Germantown‘s schedule right now is Easterns which take place February 24th and 25th.

As for the women, they’ve been on fire as of late. Right after their training camp in Bermuda, they came back to take down the Academy of Notre Dame de Maur on the fifth with a 108-62 victory. The next day, they faced Baldwin School and took another ‘W’ home with 96 points to Baldwin’s 78.

They’ll be hosting Hill School tomorrow where they’ll look to secure another win. Just like the men, they’ll be competing the next three weekends in a row prior to taking a weekend off for the IAAL Championships.



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OG Swimmer

I remember when GA Christmas Training was a four hour per day single practice. It was a badge of honor to not miss a single yard. Now, it looks like a bunch of rich kids on holiday.

Swimmers are a big family

Or maybe someone misses GA 😉

GA Alumni

It’s a shame the new guy hasn’t figured out swimmers are a big family. At this point he probably never will. GA swimming was cool while it lasted. Lots of people miss it. Be grateful if you were lucky enough to be a part of it.


Ah yes, OG. Pulling the covers off the pool at foxcatcher, no heat and prepping to go 15 grand at six in the morning. Dick sitting in his chair with that ” I could snap any minute now” look on his face.
Did you also notice they only have one loss? Saddle Up El.

GA Alumni

Yes those were the days. The teams were unbelievable and that work ethic followed those kids through life. Now it’s pizza parties and life coaches. Everyone gets a trophy.


Penn Charter girls beat GA girls today for the first time in the history of swimming. Nice work Indiana!!

Ga Swimmer

Ya losing by 1 point when nearly the entire girls team is sick is really the fault of the coaches


If Indiana had split the last relay GA could’ve won the meet. Somebody call a math teacher!

Yours truly

Try 6 hours a day champ


We all miss Dick…He was one of the best ever!


Sad that grown men have to comment on a high school video… why would we show the training? That just isn’t a good video for anyone.

Will Frederick

Yes, let these kids have fun. It’s not their fault GA swimming has been destroyed.

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