Watch Efimova Put Up 2016’s Fastest 100 Breast (Unofficially)

There are ‘Fast Fridays’ and then there are Trojan Swim Club Fast Fridays, as evidenced by the series of swift times thrown down by the USC-based professional swimming squad yesterday, February 12th.

According to Bermudian swimmer Julian Fletcher, the group has been training hard the past month and “[Head Coach Dave] Salo wanted us to suit up, just to see how fast we could go early in-season.” The set-up included touchpads and mock time trials after a warm-up period.

Says Fletcher, “Salo always has us working on our sprint speed and race mentality, and this was a merely a chance for us to practice racing.”

Among the head-turning unofficial swims clocked via the timing system was World Champion Yuliya Efimova‘s 100m breaststroke. Racing essentially on her own, the 23-year-old Russian blasted a time of 1:06.22, a mark which stands as the fastest in the world thus far in 2016. Efimova also clocked a 31.34 50m breaststroke in the Friday practice.

Watch below to see the suited up Efimova scorch the pool in the 100m breast exhibition race:

Other eye-popping exhibition times at the same practice included:

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4 years ago

Unsuited? So what was he wearing then?

Reply to  Hank
4 years ago

Fig leaf.

Reply to  Hank
4 years ago

More drag that way!

4 years ago

Efimova looks better in what is basically a Cirque De Soliel clown outfit than 90% of beauty contestants in their glam cozzies.

Irish Ringer
4 years ago

Was that a guy two lanes over that she scorched? Also took down the guy swimming backstroke

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