Watch the 2013 European Short Course Championships Pool Being Disassembled in 30 Second Timelapse

The 2013 European Short Course Championships saw a pool constructed in the Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning Denmark: a 15,000 seat arena that’s typically host to large concerts and other dry-land sporting events.

Much of the promotion for this fantastic meet was centered around “filling the box with water” and different jokes about how they’d be swimming where there was once no pool, and when all was said-and-done, the construction of the 25 meter course went without any noticeable hitch.

But, for every action there is a reaction, and that which is built must be unbuilt, and so in the above 30-second time lapse video, meet workers deconstruct the main competition pool (we assure you that it took much longer than 30 seconds in real life). This competition pool, along with the 25-meter warmup pool, will be reassembled into a single, permanent 50-meter pool elsewhere in Herning.

Watch the video of the disassembly at this direct link.

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