How to pick a Monofin

This article comes to us courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner.

FINIS Founder and CEO, John Mix has believed in the Monofin for quite some time. The Monofin was the first product in the FINIS line, after John – a professional water polo player at the time – arrived back from Europe. It was there where he alos had his first encounter with this spectacular tool.

The FINIS Monofin has grown immensely in popularity since 1993 due to the unique physical benefits that the user experiences. Not only is the Monofin a great tool for increasing the muscular endurance of the legs, but also a great tool in strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and back. Strong demand for the original Monofins led John and his growing FINIS Team to conceptualize new designs that were suited for all reaches of aquatic athletes. Today we see a number of designs that vary in size, color, and materials and each are designed for a specific purpose.

The Competitor Monofin is perhaps the most similar to the original design, which is also arguably the most successful. The broad fiberglass blade remains rigid in the water, adding large amounts of resistance, force, and therefore, speed to your swimming. This is also the most popular choice of the FINIS Mermaids, Hannah and Kariel, who have become experts on the fin.

The Trainer 1, Trainer 2, and Shooter Monofins are hybrid fins, that are made from the same carbon material but are slightly smaller in size to allow for greater manuverability in the water. Those who are new to life underwater may consider this fin over the Competitor due to the strain on the ankles when moving the broader surface area. These muscles can easily become injured if they are not yet strong enough, so these fins are a versatile choice for beginners. Also, many swimmers prefer the slightly smaller size fin when training in a pool due to crowded lane space or will elect for an easier fin to move during turns and on the wall.

The Rapid, Wave, and Mermaid Tail fins are made with a durable plastic blade that is best designed for recreational use. These fins also move away from the traditional foot pocket and include an adjustable strap along the back of the fin, allowing for multiple users to enjoy their underwater experience. The Rapid is large enough for adults, while the Wave and Mermaid Tail fins are designed for young adults and children.

The Foil Monofin is quickly becoming the choice of competitive swimmers around the world. This extremely durable rubber Monofin is easy to use and adds a good level of resistance to both underwater and surface swimming. The foot pocket helps keep the fin in place at high speeds, while the single form design makes the fin durable enough to handle years of abuse in your Mesh Bag.

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