What is the Head Strong Posture Trainer?

Courtesy of Endurance Swimming, a SwimSwam Partner.

Have you heard of the Head Strong Posture Trainer but are not really sure what it is, what it does, and how it can make you a faster swimmer?  Watch this short video and have all of your questions answered!

Mini Set with your Head Strong Posture Trainer

To get the most out of your Head Strong Posture Trainer give this short drill set a try while wearing your Head Strong Posture Trainer:

4×25 @ :05 rest- Head lead kicking drill focusing on keeping the neck relaxed and not having the Head Strong Posture Trainer tap your back.

2×50 @ :10 rest- Build swim focusing on a relaxed neck.

4×25 @ :05 rest- 6 kicks and roll drill focusing on rotating the body but not moving the head.  When breathing, keep the head inline with spine to ensure proper body position.  If your head is out of alignment, Head Strong Posture Trainer will be there to remind you.

2×50 @ :10 rest- Build swim focusing on rotating your body while keeping the neck relaxed and still as your body rotates.

4×25 @ :05 rest- 3 Strokes 12 kicks drill focusing once again on rotating the  body while keeping your head and neck still.

2×50 @ :10 rest- Build swim focusing on a relaxed neck and not allowing the Head Strong Posture Trainer to tap you on the back.

If the Head Strong Posture Trainer taps you on the back or shoulder, it is telling you that your head is not in line with your spine creating a body position that is sub optimal.  Relax your head and neck or look at the line on the bottom of the pool to put your body into a more efficient position in the water.

Headstrong Posture TrainerHoliday Special- Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off!

Buy 1 Head Strong Posture Trainer and get the 2nd one half off!  There are only a few days left on this great deal.  This special is running now through December 25th! These make great stocking stuffers for all of your swimmer and triathlete friends and family!  Order yours now and make sure you have it in time for the holidays!  To purchase, please visit: www.headstrongposturetrainer.com

About Endurance Swimming and Head Strong Posture Trainer:

Head Strong™ was developed by Craig Lewin and his team of swimmers at Endurance Swimming. Through his coaching, Craig realized that head position was the most common technical error that hinders efficient swimming.  This resulted in the idea for the Head Strong Posture Trainer.  This simple device is worn around a swimmer’s head, like goggles, to ensure proper head positioning in the water, aiding in the correction of total body posture. Head Strong Posture Trainer has played a large role in helping his swimmers improve their race times and enabled one of his swimmers to successfully swim across the English Channel.  Craig is a USA Swimming Coach and Level 2 USA Cycling Coach, with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Movement Science, Economics and Sociology. As an alumni of Boston College’s Varsity D1 Swim Team, a 70.3 World Championship Qualifier and open water marathon swimmer, his swim expertise and coaching helps hundreds of athletes become successful competitors in the sports of swimming and triathlon. 

Follow him on twitter @enduranceswim and “Like” Endurance Swimming on Facebook.

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