Washington D.C. Wants You to Look Past the Rumors, and Get to Know THEIR Town (Olympic Promo Video)

If you liked (this) Washington 2024 promotional video, then you’ll love the Washington 2024 promotional video: the 2014 edition.

Organizers of the bid to bring the 2024 Olympic Games to the capital of the United States and its surrounding hubs have released a new video to support their bid.

The video, not surprisingly, features a lot of politicians, but the message is clear: they want the world to see past the politics, and by the end of the video, the speakers have switched from primarily politicians to primarily members of the “town” that Washington D.C. wants to be seen as in this bid. Local pro athletes are included in the video, including members of the Washington Capitals hockey team and the Washington Wizards basketball team.

Washington is one of four finalists named by the USOC to be considered for the American bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, along with Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

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