Update: WaPo Posts Full Rick Curl Non-Disclosure Agreement

  94 Braden Keith | July 25th, 2012 | Club, News

Update: The Washington Post has released what appears to be a scanned version of the non-disclosure agreement in question. See that document here. Note that the complaints are not fully executed, but the settlement is on pages 11 and 12.

The Washington Post is reporting that Rick Curl, one of the founders of the hugely-successful Curl Burke Swim Club, is being called in front of a USA Swimming Emergency Hearing involving a former swimmer of his in the 80’s named Kelley Currin (then Kelley Davies).

From the Post:

USA Swimming has requested an emergency disciplinary hearing against prominent Washington area swimming coach Rick Curl for allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a teen swimmer and then paying her and her parents to keep quiet as part of a settlement.

Read the full story from the Post here, who claims to have received a copy of a non-disclosure agreement where Curl paid $150,000 to Davies and her family in exchange for them not speaking publicly on the topic or press charges.

The statute of limitations on statutory rape in Virginia, presuming it would be a misdemeanor charge, is one year. In Virginia, however, because of the age difference, these offenses would be likely prosecuted as class 4 and class 6 felonies, which have no statute of limitations. Any legal statutes of limitations do not preclude USA Swimming from taking action if they decide there is merit to the accusations. It would also not preclude civil action, pending the exact terms of the non-disclosure agreement and whether or not they would be upheld.

Curl Burke, the largest satelite club team in the country, has now had two interactions with USA Swimming emergency hearings this summer; in June, former coach Noah Rucker was arrested for alleged transgressions against a former female swimmer of his as well.



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Andy Dufresne
You people need to get a life. Why don’t you focus on whats happening in your life and worry about your own family. I knew Kelly 20 years ago and she was a great person. I have no reason to beleve she would make this up but this is America. This last time I checked you are innocent until proven guilty. Granted it looks bad but give it a rest. People like Bob Allrad and Gloria Allred make their living by exploiting victims and getting their names in the paper. The truth will come out and justice will be served one way or the other. Let the process run its course and keep your mouth shut when you don’t know… Read more »
80s Rick Curl Team Swim Kid
I swam for the team in the 80’s although Jeff King was my coach through most of it. The whole story is very sad. However, I will pass no judgement on any of the parties involved. Instead, I wish to remind people that the world was a very different place in the 80’s. In the previous decade it was not altogether uncommon to hear of 14 and 15 y.o. girls becoming pregnant, dropping out of school, and marrying their boyfriend who may have been a senior in high school, a freshman in college or sometimes a man much older. I even recall seeing parents set their daughters up with older men much the same way other cultures have arranged marriages.… Read more »
Another swim parent

Swim Parent,
If allegations are true, it is Rick Curl’s club, so hopefull the team may remain but the name should go away. Let’s be careful not to make this a CUBU/RMSC argument. We should all support each other at a time like this. Swimming needs as many positive comments as possible at a time like this.

Very Concerned
swim parent
If the allegations are true, then hopefully justice will be served on the 1 person who committed the crime, not the entire swim team full of dedicated kids who love the sport. It really seems that a LOT of people from other teams besides Curl Burke have this SANCTIMONIOUS attitude like this could never happen in their club. Did you see the part in the post article where RMSC founder was told by Currin about this? Quit acting like Curl is the only team this could happen to and; therefore, must be crushed. Everyone knows Curl is the best club and many people are using this as an opportunity to try to get rid of it. This can happen in… Read more »

Swim Parent,

We don’t do justice if you carelessly repeat untruths about the good swim coaches. It is important to single out the predators. It is almost as important to praise the good people in swimming. We wouldn’t all be commenting without them and their contributions. Paris Jacobs met her husband Dan Jacobs when she was 23 and a coach.


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