Vinny Marciano Goes Under 53, Breaks 11-12 National Age Group Record at New Jersey JO’s

Vinny Marciano, a 12-year old from Morris County, New Jersey, has broken the National Age Group Record in the 100 yard backstroke, breaking his own record of 53.26 set earlier this year by going 52.47. Marciano is swimming at the 2014 New Jersey Swimming Junior Olympics hosted by the Berkeley Aquatic Club.

Marciano, in January, broke this record twice in one day, and has now blown eight-tenths of a second off of it again.

Jan. Morning splits: 26.02 – 27.41 = 53.43
Jan. Evening splits: 25.77 – 27.49 = 53.26
New Record splits: 25.60 – 26.87 = 52.47

Marciano is getting closer-and-closer to even-splitting this race, now being split by only 1.2 seconds between 50’s. He’ll still have a couple of months of racing left before he ages up in early May, but if he hits a bit of a growth spurt and can pour on the front-end speed, we could see him continue to ‘pop’ in the next year.

Marciano also swam a 53.85 in the 100 fly on Friday night.

Full, live meet results available here.


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7 years ago

Hulk so… weak… only have enough strength for one more…


In all seriousness… what a wild night.

bobo gigi
7 years ago

Congrats to Vinny Marciano!

Now Destin Lasco must respond.
Too bad Mr Marciano and Mr Lasco don’t swim against each other.
It could be insane.
Hopefully someone plans the showdown for next summer.

The US backstroke culture is well alive!

bobo gigi
7 years ago

I’m gonna lose my mind with all these records! 🙄

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

I can imagine it for you LOL.. you follow these NAG swims so religiously

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