Vikings Have Invaded Your Race Pace Training!

The Screaming Viking says: “A few years ago I started training USRPT myself and became a believer.  So, as a coach, I wanted to take what I had learned to try to implement with my team and ran into a lot of challenges.  So we made a game out of it:  we make an X/Y/Z score, the kids plug it into the app, and we get to see how they’ve progressed in any particular race they’re training, and now I don’t have to look up anybody’s target times– the kids can calculate that themselves.

If you use USRPT in any way, individually, as a part of your season, or if you are full-on USRPT, you are gonna love using our app: SwimViking RPT by Strive Swim.”

With the Swim Viking RPT app there now is a way to put race pace training and tracking in the hands of athletes and coaches, keeping them engaged and helping them to see their improvements with visuals that make sense.  Multiple athletes can be linked to a single coach, so that as an athlete logs their USRPT training progress, coaches can access it at any time.  By using the app, no matter to what extent you incorporate the app into your season plan, you will have an easy way to take ownership of your swimming. Whether you are an age group or college swimmer, a coach with a large group of athletes, or a masters athlete who wants to try something new, the Swim Viking RPT app by Strive will help you navigate your way to speed.


For more information or to schedule a demo, please click visit  Also, don’t forget to ask us about discounted team rates.

Founded in 2016, Strive “apps for excellence” are in use at USA Swimming clubs, YMCA clubs, USMS clubs, NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III programs, high school programs, the Team USA Olympic and Paralympic Training Center campus, national champion club teams, international teams on all six inhabited continents and by 2016 US Olympic Team and Team USA Olympic athlete’s coaches. Over 7 million swim practices have been written on Strive apps. Strive is partnered with ISCA, NISCA, WOWSA, ASA coaching and swimming organizations and has legendary coach Mark Bernardino and Olympic Gold Medalist Josh Davis as Strive expert partners.

“The Screaming Viking is considered by many to be a sophisticated renaissance man in the world of swimming.  He is an accomplished coach, swim dad, professional athlete, writer, diet advice guru, model, actor, poet, and legend in his own mind… if it has to do with swimming he has conquered it, and strives to help you to conquer these things in your life as well.”

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4 years ago

Does it cost any money? E.g. a subscription?

The Screaming Viking!
Reply to  SwimSwamSwum
4 years ago

it is a subscription, with reduced rates for multiple swimmers under one coach

4 years ago

Glad to see swimming and technology mixing!