VIDEO: Ryan Lochte and Katie Meili Do Backstroke Drill in Bolzano

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 5

November 10th, 2014 News, Video

In the above video taken by SwimSwam photog Rafael Domeyko, SwimMAC Carolina pro teammates Katie Meili and Ryan Lochte are working on a two-swimmer backstroke drill that happens to be one of my personal favorites.

In this drill, swimmer A puts their feet on the head of swimmer B and gets in a streamline position. Swimmer B then swims backstroke down the pool, pushing swimmer A.

There’s an unbelievable number of important backstroke technique points that this drill works on. It forces swimmer A to keep a good body position because any drop of the hips will be the end of the drill, it forces swimmer B to keep a steady head position, it forces swimmer B to maintain a wide hand entry, it forces swimmer B to swim with some amount of power to maintain their body position, but it has to be a consistent power.

This drill is full of “win,” and seeing two of the best swimmers in the country demonstrate it with near-perfection reinforces that.

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Coach JJ

Looks like coach Marsh has changed Ryan’s hand entry a little… he is entering with the back of the hand…


I hope Rio is Lochte time. I think he’s earned it at this point.

Caitlin Garrison

Agree with you on that one. I don’t know why he isn’t in the running for the perseverance award after getting run over by that girl and hurting his knee.


I don’t know, it looks to me as if he is still entering pinky first.

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