VIDEO: Retrospective Documentary On 2008 Phelps-Cavic Showdown

Video courtesy of the Official Omega YouTube channel.

Omega Timing – the company that provides timekeeping technology for the Olympic Games – has published a short mini-documentary on its YouTube channel looking back at the thrilling 100 fly race in 2008 between Michael Phelps and Milorad Cavic.

That Olympic 100 fly race came down to a single hundredth of a second, with Phelps touching out Cavic to keep his quest for 8 Olympic gold medals on track.

The four-minute documentary, which you can watch above, catches up with Phelps and Cavic to relive the race and get both men’s thoughts on the historic moment two Olympic cycles later.

Cavic, who competed for Serbia internationally, was famously a speedster in the front of his races, taking out his 100s at a blistering pace few in the world could match.

Phelps, in contrast, was a notorious closer, charging home over the last 15 meters for numerous comeback victories in his stellar Olympic career.

The two narrate the swim from their own perspectives in the Omega video, plus share some interesting tidbits about their pre-race focus and their reaction to the swim 8 years later.

You can find some more interesting information on the swim in a SwimSwam story from last month in which TritonWear broke down the swim by stroke count, stroke rate and overall speed by following this link.

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Coat sir
5 years ago

At the end it says “Michael phelps WILL be representing the USA at his 5th Olympic Games in rio”


Reply to  Coat sir
5 years ago

You, sir, just won the internet for today!

5 years ago

“My gut instinct is that I won” … Huh? Like… it was at the time? Or does he still believe he should have the gold from that race?

Irish Ringer
Reply to  swimswammer
5 years ago

These days Cavic appears to be one with the gut, so who are we to doubt him.

Steve Nolan
5 years ago

Mike Cavic, in the Mr. Roger’s Signature Sweater Collection.

Protect that deck!
5 years ago

What’s up with Cavic’s booties at :24? But again, it’s a nice looking pool; where is it?

5 years ago

Cavic won. Even Phelps knows that.

Reply to  Bob
5 years ago

Clocks don’t lie.

Irish Ringer
Reply to  SwimmerFoxJet
5 years ago

Or all the still footage of the race capturing it frame by frame, but still if I was Cavic I would have been devastated too. He had that race and finished long with his head up. He keeps that head down and he wins. He learned a valuable lesson, that you have to finish. One he holds dear to this day even when at the dinner table.

5 years ago

Wow, Cavic speaks English surprisingly good. For me at least it’s a surprise. I guess he had studied overseas.

Reply to  swimmer
5 years ago

Oh, ok. Born and raised in USA. That should explain it :DD

5 years ago

Strange that Cavic is still unaccepting of the plain truth: that he got second. There is not a thing in the world wrong with that either. He should be more proud of that, he did something almost no one in history has ever done.

And also their showdown at the 2009 World Championships was even more epic and incredible in my opinion.

5 years ago

Still…nobody talks about the .01 one hundredth that Crocker missed out on bronze!

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