Video: An Olympian’s Meet Warm Up

Championship meet season is a complex time in every swimmer’s life. While you may be enjoying every day of practice as you taper towards the meet, you are also secretly stressing about if you are going to go best times, what to eat, what suit to wear, etc. Let us take some of the guessing out of your championship meet by teaching you the proper warm-up routine.

2012 Polish Olympian Marcin Cieslak breaks down the warm-up from dryland to in the water.  It is important to note that if you aren’t warming your body up correctly, you could potentially be sacrificing a whole season of training. Start with a few dynamic workouts on the pool deck like Marcin demonstrates, then once you’ve entered the water, think of your warm-up like a pyramid. You want to slowly add on more intensity while limiting the distance. Start with a long shake out, then get specific to some kicking and pulling. Next, add in a bit of heart rate fluctuation, and following that you can start doing some full on race pace and sprints off the block.

The best way to follow this routine is to adapt it to be more specific to which type of swimmer you are and what event you are swimming that day. Best of luck in your race!

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Kevin Williamson
5 years ago

Anybody 1 to 3 seconds on the wall is asleep and needs to become a wolverine

Dan D.
5 years ago

The lack of an apostrophe in their title is driving me nuts!

Dan D.
Reply to  Dan D.
5 years ago

Update: SwimSwam fixed the article’s title 🙂 But the title of the video itself is still longing for an apostrophe 🙁