Video: How To Have A Kickass Start

This week we were joined by Erik Risolvato to set the record straight about starts. We are going to teach you how to have a kickass start. There are three main things to focus on to achieve this goal; consistency, tension, and having a killer entry.

While these three points do coincide with each other, if you take a look at them as their own individual elements you can find them much more intricate. Consistency can be broken down into how every swimmer should have a pre-race ritual before they step up onto the blocks so that their muscle memory becomes engaged from practice. Tension is the art of how you need to be flexing your strength on the block while still remaining very calm and letting the start push you. The final component is the killer entry which is as simple as entering the water at an optimal angle and not trying to compensate until fully submerged.

Special thanks to Erik Risolvato for joining us on this video! You can subscribe to his channel at

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Coach v

Would love to share this link with swim parents/kids but bc of the language used and our team policy, I can’t. Disappointing.


I agree but the guy is a goofball to boot. Plus he kicks his own foot on every start. Can’t see what happens underwater. His angle, how far and fast he covers 10 meters. Wouldn’t say he is a “kickass starter”


The dude has been 22.2 in LCM… While he’s no Caeleb Dressel, I’d say his start probably kicks a moderate amount of ass.

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