Video Interview: Ryan Lochte Won The 200 Freestyle With His New “Sprinter Stroke”

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Ryan Lochte won the men’s 200 freestyle on night 2 of the 2014 Mesa Grand Prix. He talks about how all of his strokes have changed and how he is being careful with his knee recovery.

Men’s 200 Freestyle – Finals

Ryan Lochte and Darian Townsend took out the first 100 ahead of the field. Ryan Lochte took advantage of his under waters to finish the race with the win. Lochte finished with a time of 1:49.48, just ahead of Townsend at 1:49.94. Michael McBroom had great closing speed on the final 50, almost running down Townsend for second place. He finished in third with a 1:50.4.

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I wonder what he’ll swim in 2016

100 fly, 200 im, 200 back, 200 free, maybe 100 back?

I do not think he will swim the 100 back in Rio

Will he stick to swimming 3 races he probably won´t medal? 100 fly, 200 free and 100 back? Tose 3 he might also not even quality for OG..

200 free for relay purpose is Ok.. not for individual..

Park Sun Agnel and probably Horton will lock anyone out of top 4 by Rio

Ha…was thinking the same thing about Me and SwimMac

I WISH that was me! Ryan is living my childhood dream though, true. I was thinking that maybe you were Ryan’s dad.

Personal interest? That’s the professional image he built with the pros he hired that we were inundated with. Didn’t pull it out of my rear. Maybe I bring it up because I want him to keep it more on the down low as others do. It’s what a man does.

I think Ryan’s got it all, just don’t want to see him miss his chance to end strong in Rio. I want him to put it all together show everyone (meaning those in America who don’t follow swimming) what he really is.

I guess I should commend the man who calls me out for criticizing Ryan for living a man’s dream outside of the pool as well as in. Good for you for not being the bitter old maid jealous of what might have been. Still, I have my opinion and it’s not an uncommon one.

You guys care too much about the swimming when after 2016 is over, no one will are about that. People will care about who comes out as a superstar, the underdog who prevailed…who has lived up to expectations for THAT meet, who is the athlete that everyone wishes they were. It is about the IMAGE, the sponsorships, the opportunities that follow, the MONEY. No one cares about the nitty gritty of swimming and who did this or that along the way or three years ago. If you want people to watch your sport you should care about this nonsense as well.

I also commend the women who have been able to command his attention.

Actually…looks like “Me” may actually be one of the swimmers recently cut from the SwimMac squad. HMMMM Kind of explains the strange personal frustration.


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