Haas, Schooling Explode At Texas Longhorn Class Relays (Video)

A little more than a month out from a defense of their 2015 NCAA Championship, the Texas Longhorn men took part in a team relay battle divided by class, with youngsters Townley Haas and Joseph Schooling among the most impressive performers.

2015 NCAA, National Team Champion, Texas_TBX_2743According to Texas assistant coach Kris Kubik, the class relays are an annual Longhorn tradition, taking place the day before the team’s final dual meet of the season.

Exciting for Texas fans: the freshman class won both relays on the day, a 200 medley and a 200 free relay. Townley Haas anchored the medley in 18.95 and also led the free relay with a 19.10 split. Also impressive was sophomore Joseph Schoolingwho split 19.85 on the fly leg of the medley and 19.08 on the freestyle relay.

The full relay results are below:

200 Medley Relay

Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
John Shebat 21.31 Jon Roberts 22.65 Jack Conger 21.42 Aaron Gustafson 22.39
Ryan Harty 24.09 Austin Temple 24.54 Will Licon 24.06 Liam Lockwood 25.11
Tate Jackson 20.73 Joseph Schooling 19.85 Will Glass 20.47 Matt Ellis 21.1
Townley Haas 18.95 Brett Ringgold 18.98 PJ Dunne 20.28 John Murray 19.17
1:25.08 1:26.02 1:26.15 1:27.77

200 Free Relay

Freshman Junior Sophomore Senior
Tate Jackson 20.08 Jack Conger 19.4 Brett Ringgold 19.53 John Murray 19.6
Townley Haas 19.10 Will Licon 20.35 Joseph Schooling 19.08 Matt Ellis 19.71
John Shebat 19.54 Will Glass 19.44 Jon Roberts 20.44 Aaron Gustafson 20.36
Ryan Harty 19.56 PJ Dunne 20.34 Jared Butler 20.62 Ian LeMaistre 20.5
1:18.28 1:19.53 1:19.67 1:20.17

Check out the video above for full-race footage of both relays, as well as some interesting tidbits from Kubik, head coach Eddie Reese and freshman Ryan Harty. Of special note: Reese talks about an interesting lineup option involving the freshman Haas, and Harty dishes on which trash-talking Longhorn got his comeuppance in the pool.

Video courtesy of SwimSwam’s own Gold Medal Mel Stewart.

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Swimmer A
5 years ago

So Harty has their top breaststroke split… holy crap

Reply to  Swimmer A
5 years ago

Will Licon went 24.06

5 years ago

Out of all the talent and amazing swimmers they have at Texas right now… The freshman are the fastest? This is a new swimming dynasty.

Reply to  swimfreak
5 years ago

“a new swimming dynasty”??

How about a continuing, almost 30 year old dynasty …

Reply to  pwb
5 years ago

I mean almost 40 year old dyansty

5 years ago

The swimming world should pray everyday that Eddie doesn’t retire.

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