USA Swimming’s Olympic Trials Qualifier List by the Numbers

USA Swimming released a new Trials qualifier list this week updated with all swims through June 7th. This is likely the last such list before the the official psych sheet is released.

The list is here:

Olympic Trials Qualifiers Lists

This is a list of qualifiers, not entries, so it contains a lot of times that won’t be competed at Trials (ex. Michael Phelps 200 Breast), or swimmers who have retired (ex. Katie Hoff). The deadline to get a qualifying time hasn’t passed, so more swimmers could qualify this weekend.

Number of Qualifications:

Men – 936 Qualifiers

Women – 841 Qualifiers

This is down a lot from last cycle. On the last pre Trials qualifier list in 2012, there were 1040 women and 1030 men. On the 2012 psych sheet there were 902 women and 930 men, and 883 women and 910 men actually ended up swimming an event at Trials.

Men – 1789 Qualifying times (1.9 per athlete)

Women – 1835 Qualifying times (2.2 per athlete)

A larger number of men qualified in 1 event (455 men to 369 women). The average number of qualifying times for women with more than 1 qualifying time is 3.1 to 2.8 for the men.


7 swimmers are listed as qualifiers for the women’s meet as 13-year olds – Tristen Ulett of Dynamo Swim Club, Ella Nelson of Nashville Aquatic Club, Alex Walsh also of Nashville Aquatic Club (both Nashville swimmers were born within a month of each other), Phoebe Bacon of Nation’s Capital Swim Club, Reagan Smith of Riptide, Isabel Gormley of Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics, and the youngest Abby Arens of Marlins of Raleigh. Of the 7, only two (Ulett and Bacon) will still be 13 when Trials start. The best seed belongs to Walsh at 12th in the 200 back.

There were two 14-year olds who qualified for the men’s meet – Ethan Dang of King Aquatic Club and Carson Foster of the Mason Manta Rays. No one that young has swum at a men’s Olympic Trials since Max Jaben in 2000. Of the two, Dang has the best seed at 73rd in the 200 breast, and he’s also the youngest of the two. There were 25 15-year old’s who qualified for the men’s meet.

On the other end of the age spectrum, there are 5 men 31 and older who qualified-  Ryan Lochte, 31, of SwimMAC Carolina, Adam Ritter, 31, qualified unattached, Kevin Swander, 32, of Gamecock Aquatics, Anthony Ervin, 33, of California Aquatics, Jeff Natalizio, 34, of Gators Swim Club, and Ed Moses, 35, of Golden Rebels. There are 2 women 30 and over – Kim Vandenberg, 30, of New York Athleic Club, and Natalie Coughlin, 32, of Califorinia Aquatics.

Where are they from:

By LSC, 55 of the 59 USA Swimming LSC’s have qualifiers. The four without qualifiers are Alaska, Wyoming, Border, and Mississippi. The top LSC’s by qualifiers were mostly from California (Pacific is the coastal area of the northern half of Califorina).


Qualified Swimmers Qualified Events Top 8s
Pacific 63 168 24
Southern California 66 151 8
North Carolina 56 127 11
Florida 42 89 5
Georgia 36 85 4
Indiana 40 85 4
Southeastern 39 83 3
Kentucky 34 71 5


Qualified Swimmers Qualified Events Top 8s
Pacific 66 146 18
North Carolina 60 128 17
Southern California 73 116 8
Georgia 48 92 4
Michigan 36 84 4
Flordia 46 80 3
South Texas 37 79 8
Southeastern 45 78 1

There are 505 clubs with qualifiers (there is double counting in this number. ex Missy Franklin counts for the Colorado Stars and California Aquatics). The top ten clubs are:

SwimMAC Carolina 37
California Aquatics 36
Club Wolverine 32
Stanford Swimming 26
North Baltimore Aquatic Club 24
North Carolina Aquatic Club 24
Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics 23
Tennessee Aquatics 23
Wisconsin Aquatics 22
SwimAtlanta 21

One Note: There a few stats here that don’t line up with the numbers USA Swimming put out. It has to do with counting methods. I’m double counting some things they aren’t, and they’re double counting some things I’m not.

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bobo gigi
4 years ago

Can’t wait to see Alex Walsh and Regan Smith swim one in one next summer. Both future US backstroke stars should swim under the minute in the 100 back and under 2.10 in the 200 back. At trials? I don’t know what’s the plan for all these youngsters. Maybe their biggest goal of the summer is US junior nationals.
Can’t wait to see Tristen Ulett in action too. I didn’t know her name before last December. Huge talent.
The next wave of men’s sprinters is also interesting to watch with Jack Dolan, Daniel Krueger or Drew Kibler.

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

I hope Walsh makes world champs in 2017

Reply to  bobo gigi
4 years ago

I think Regan Smith will be 59.5 and 2:09 or faster at Trials. Mike Parratto’s training will make a big difference with her from Jr Nationals times last July. She’s bigger, fitter, faster. And finally rested.Great technique. Nobody faster on the water.

4 years ago

Anthony Ervin is 35, not 33

4 years ago

Walsh is actually 14.

Reply to  Hswimmer
4 years ago

Several of the swimmers listed as 13 are already 14 (Nelson, Walsh, Arens, Gormley) and a few of them I believe are turning 15 this summer shortly after trials.

Reply to  Hswimmer
4 years ago

So is Regan Smith.

EZ Swim Mom
Reply to  Hswimmer
4 years ago

Same for Nelson, Gormley & Arens.

David Berkoff
Reply to  Hswimmer
4 years ago

Any swimmer making the trials should be very proud of the accomplishment. The age of the athlete really shouldn’t matter.

Reply to  David Berkoff
4 years ago

Its not that age matters because it is a tremendous accomplishment no matter what, but if the article is making a point to highlight these kids achievements because of their young age, it should be accurate. They also missed Kate Douglass who qualified for 2 events when she was 13 but is now 14.