USA Swimming Will Sanction Meets in July, Times Won’t Count for National Meets

USA Swimming has announced that it will allow competitions to resume in July with some restrictions. 

However, times achieved during meets in July will not count towards qualification for any USA Swimming programs (including national select camps) or meets above the LSC level, including Zones, Sectionals, Futures, Junior Nationals, Nationals, the US Open, or Olympic Trials. LSCs will be allowed to use times under their own guidelines. 

In its press release, USA Swimming said that this is being done, “with the recognition that many of our clubs have limited or no access to facilities, and to maintain a level playing field.”

Notably, USA Swimming has not released updated time standards for the Olympic Trials after they were postponed until 2021 due to coronavirus. 

The organization also announced that during the month that it will only sanction meets composed of teams from the same LSC. The LSC represented will be determined by the host team. 

USA Swimming has already announced its “crawl, walk, race” guidelines for returning to competition, which will still be implanted under the new plan. 

Additionally, all meets will be subject to state and local guidelines, while all clubs planning to attend meets must develop return to competition plans. 

USA Swimming has not sanctioned meets since they recommended that they be cancelled on March 12. The organization later mandated cancellation of all meets and suspended all sanctions through June 30. 

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Can someone explain the rationale for not letting these times count for national meets? Aren’t times still times?

The idea seems to be that they don’t want swimmers to feel pressure to return to train before they’re comfortable doing so, and to protect swimmers whose pools aren’t open yet.


Then USA Swimming should have different time standards for every state because states like California have infinitely more swimming resources than states like Alaska. See how this makes no sense?


Many pools in California are not open. We have ZERO pools available in our large county in California. We have no advantage, our club hasn’t touched water since March 12. From what I understand Alaska opened pools last month.


CASwimmer, u obviously have completely missed my point.


Your point was that California has infinitely more swimming resources available. His point is that ZERO pool availability means infinitely LESS swimming resources. Please respect the frustration of those in California without swimming resources currently.


Protecting them from what? This seems an arbitrary way to punish those athletes who have trained hard to stay in shape despite not having a swimming pool for 3 months. I am trying hard to understand this policy, but it is wildly subjective. What is the criteria for the return to a ‘level playing field’?


Arizona just shut down their gyms. We may not have a “level playing field” for several months.

Sam P

Granted my kids are swimming now but even if they weren’t, I would still want all the other kids times to count. This smells like swimming politics to me.

Sam P

Exactly! It’s not like these kids are swimming faster just because other clubs/kids aren’t swimmming. They would have achieved these cuts whether or not all LSCs/clubs are open or not. Like you said times are times.


As someone who volunteers a lot for usa swimming … do they ever do the right thing? What the hell? Betterv yet, there’s nobody left to talk to there because there’s nobody left who has a clue about club swimming.


The committee that ultimately makes recommendations to the Board of Directors is made up of Club Coaches. The USA Swim Staffers who accepted the Voluntary Separation Package will definitely be missed, But those of us remaining will definitely help the Club Coaches around the USA in any way possible.


This initiative came directly from staff.


…said like a true politician. Keep on passing the buck.


I wonder if USA Swimming is going to lower or waive the membership and sanction fees now that they are providing less services and resources for member clubs and making ridiculous regulations to limit how much money clubs can make??? They just don’t have a clue. Grass roots swimming = RIP

Michael Lawrence

…. leaving things in the hands of the LSCs


…Yeah and that’s just as bad if not worse.


Of course, they’ll lower the fees. It makes sense … oops.


I can understand the reasons for not using these times to be fair to those who don’t have open pools yet. How do you think they will determine qualification for National Select Camps without a long course season?


They won’t.


It’ll be cancelled with everything else. Duh.