USA Swimming Releases 2014 Jr Pan Pacific Championships Roster

The 2014 Junior Pan Pacific Championship’s will take place in Maui, Hawaii from August 27th to August 31st. USA Swimming has officially released the 2014 Junior Pan Pac Championships team. They team is set to meet in Los Angeles on the 24th before they fly to Maui as a team for the junior Pan Pacific Championships meet. The team consists of 23 men and 23 women from around the country.

Sergio Lopez from Bolles School Sharks has been named the head women’s coach while John Morse from Nashville Aquatic Club has been named the head men’s coach. The assistant coaches are Michael Brooks (York YMCA), Geoff Brown (NOVA of Virginia), Jaime Lewis (Gator Swim Club), Chris Plumb (Carmel Swim Club), Paul Stafford (Unattached), and Jason Turcotte (Dynamo Swim Club)


WOMEN’S ROSTER CLUB Signed NLI or Verbal College Commitment
Claire Adams Carmel Swim Club
Emily Allen North Mecklenburg
Cassidy Bayer Nation’s Capital Swim Club
Amy Bilquist Carmel Swim Club
Jorie Caneta Roadrunner Aquatic Arizona State University
Linsey Clary Ohio State University Ohio State University
Katie Drabot Ouzakee Aquatics
Ella Eastin SoCal Aquatics
Danielle Galyer Y-Spartaquatics Swim Club University of Kentucky
Courtney Harnish York YMCA
Madison Homovich North Carolina Aquatic Club
Lilly King Newburgh Sea Creatures
Regan Kology Somerset YMCA Harvard University
Emily Kopas Swim Fort Lauderdale University of Michigan
Kara Kopcso Tiger Aquatics Swimming Louisiana State University
Katrina Konopka Y-Spartaquatics Swim Club
Hannah Kukurugya Crown Point Swim Club
Stanzi Moseley Roadrunner Aquatic
Isabella Rongione Nation’s Capital Swim Club
Sierra Schmidt North Baltimore Aquatic Club
Leah Stevens Lakeside Swim Team
Hannah Weiss King Aquatic Club University of Southern California
Kim Williams Bellevue Club Swim Team


MEN’S ROSTER CLUB Signed NLI or Verbal College Commitment
Michael Andrew Indie Swimming
Aiden Burns Santa Clara Swim Club
Brendan Casey Team Santa Monica University of Virginia
Liam Egan Crimson Aquatics Stanford Univeristy
Alex Evdokimov Coral Springs Swim Club Cornell University
Connor Green BlueFish Swim Club California Berkeley
Sean Grieshop Nitro Swimming
Townley Haas NOVA of Virginia Aquatics
Connor Hoppe Clovis Swim Club California Berkeley
Logan Houck Sandpipers of Nevada
James Jones Nation’s Capital Swim Club
Nick Norman Mission Viejo Nadadores
Curtis Ogren Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics Stanford Univeristy
Corey Okubo Aquaxot Swim Club Princeton University
Todd Owen Cardinal Aquatic University of Louisville
Blake Pieroni Indiana University Swim Team Indiana University
Paul Powers SwimMAC Carolina University of Michigan
Andrew Seliskar Nation’s Capital Swim Club
Grant Shoults Mission Viejo Nadadores
Cody Taylor Donner Swim Club Indiana University
Alex Valente Buenaventura Swim Club
Chris Yeager First Colony Swim Team
Ethan Young Carpet Capital Aquatics



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Southern Orca
8 years ago

Any info re livestreaming of Junior Pan Pacs ??

8 years ago

Congrat’s, Connor Green, on making the team! Go Bluefish! 🙂

8 years ago

Didn’t know where to post this but this is a good article about Kathleen Baker. She says she is taking official visits to Cal, Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Reply to  swimmer24
8 years ago

Good find, swimmer24. Thanks!

8 years ago

Selection was based strictly on performance at Nationals so Rooney’s Junior Nationals performance was not a n influence.

8 years ago

no Maxime Rooney? ;( He had a great summer…

Reply to  floppy
8 years ago

I was wondering the same thing! I guess his efforts at Juniors were devalued because he couldn’t repeat them a week later! Well, he impressed me a great deal! 🙂

8 years ago

thrilled for Claire Adams, Amy Bilquist and Lilly King – – go Indiana Swimming!

Reply to  Matthew
8 years ago

…and Hannah Kukurugya and Blake Pieroni and Cody Taylor. Indiana had a great week. Hats off to Tony Young and all of the folks at Indiana Swimming. Well done!

8 years ago

Reece Whitley could be next… There are a lot of 13-14 boys coming up – look for more rising stars!

Coach Bell
Reply to  whoknows
8 years ago

I echo your statement WHOKNOWS. We are beginning to see an emergence of 13-14 male elite swimmers like Max Miranda, Hunter Hitchens and Andrew Abruzzo that have the right blend of strengths with technique and endurance. These three are currently on my radar.

I’ve seen plenty of factors conspire as a coach against keeping swimmers at the elite level throughout those teenage years. It will be interesting to see how these three young men perform and deliver results next season and the coming years.

Reply to  Coach Bell
8 years ago

I agree that the number of elite 13-14 male swimmers now is quite impressive and larger than what I can remember in the past; however, it seems to be an inevitable fact that female swimmers will need to train at that level to become international stars. I’m curious to learn from your experience what factors you’ve seen that might make this kind of training less advantageous for boys.

Coach Bell
Reply to  Danjohnrob
8 years ago

I’ve found markedly different responses to training with age groupers, despite being the same or similar age. In this light, the most important consideration is not always gender but instead recognizing periods of rapid growth and acting appropriately as a coach to these changes.

I look at the Peak Height Velocity (PHV) with growth spurt at current age then align their training. Female aerobic capacity improves significantly during the most rapid phases of growth: 11 to 13 for girls; 13 to 15 for boys. I normally blend these age groups for VO2 max sets.

So many factors to consider for coaching adjustments, boys will add muscle mass via testosterone release during this time. The girls produce estrogen during these specific… Read more »

Reply to  Coach Bell
8 years ago

It sounds like you are an exemplary coach, Coach Bell. Thanks for your informative response! What you say about initiating the most intense aerobic conditioning during the major growth spurt of puberty makes sense! We will have to see how the careers of these athletes progress. I guess it must be true that Phelps did that kind of training earlier, but I’m not sure we should base decisions about what’s best to do with most athletes on what he did!

8 years ago

Scanning at the list, those are very impressive swimmers USA will have at the Jr Pan Pacs. USA swimming will never lack depth for the next twenty years.

bobo gigi
Reply to  aswimfan
8 years ago

And Destin Lasco is coming soon! 🙂

Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago

Let’s see how he ages up. I think you are crowning him before he has attended any big meets.

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