USA Swimming Releases Names of Temporarily Banned Individuals

To supplement their list of individuals who are permanently banned from coaching or participating in USA Swimming, USA Swimming has released a list of individuals who are banned temporarily. The list allows the public to know about individuals whose membership has been suspended for violations of USA Swimming’s Code of Conduct.

The list is part of USA Swimming’s Safe Sport initiative to promote transparency within the organization and on its teams nationwide.

“Safe Sport created a culture of community vigilance against actions that compromise the safety of our members,” said USA Swimming Director of Safe Sport Susan Woessner. “We have zero tolerance for Code of Conduct violations and publishing the names of those who commit such acts is an important part in safeguarding all youth sport participants. This is one of the many resources we provide to help prevent or stop harmful situations.”

The now-public list hopefully will help prevent cases such as the Lois Daigneault incident where Daigneault was hired by the Kelowna Aqua Jets six months after her suspension began. The Aqua Jets said they were not aware of her temporary suspension; at the time, only permanent ones were readily available on the USA Swimming site.

The list only includes individuals who are currently suspended and does not reflect past suspensions.

Coaches for whom we could quickly identify possible reasons for suspensions:

The list is printed below:

First Name Last Name State Suspension
Start Date
End Date
 Code of Conduct Section
Mika Allred CA 11/14/2014 11/14/2024 304.3.4, 304.3.8(B), 304.3.19
Elizabeth Backler MA 11/24/2015 11/24/2022 304.3.6, 304.3.8(A), 304.3.9,304.3.19
Victor Bowen MA 3/6/2014 Indefinite 304.3.6, 304.3.18304.3.19
Lois Daigneault NM 12/26/2014 12/26/2021 304.3.14, 304.3.18, 304.3.15,304.3.19
Michael Habig LA 5/15/2015 5/15/2022 304.3.6
William Jewell CA 6/10/2013 6/10/2016 *
Patrick (PJ) Keller GA 7/1/2015 7/1/2025 304.3.15, 304.3.19
Kameron Killiam OK 4/16/2014 4/16/2024 304.3.6, 304.3.9, 304.3.19
Jamie Manser NY 9/11/2013 9/11/2018 304.3.4, 304.3.8(A), 304.3.14,304.3.18, 305.1
Carolyn Mayberry MS 11/20/2014 11/20/2019 304.3.4, 304.3.8, 304.3.19, 305.1
Travis Mims FL 4/20/2015 4/20/2021 304.3.6, 304.3.19
Kyler Pawlowski MT 9/5/2014 9/5/2017 304.3.8, 304.3.19
Claude Rhen GA 6/10/2013 6/10/2016 304.3.6
Solomon Robinson VA 8/15/2014 8/15/2017 304.3.14, 304.3.19
James Sanders NY 3/3/2015 9/3/2016 *
Justin Smith MS 4/8/2013 12/31/2018 304.3.5, 304.3.7, 304.3.10
Sarah Torrey FL 1/15/2015 1/15/2017 304.3.4, 304.3.8, 304.3.19, 305.1
Danny Truong MN 9/10/2013 9/10/2016 304.3.8, 304.3.18
Kirsten Watanabe CA 6/20/2012 6/20/2017 *
David Weeks GA 6/2/2015 6/2/2025 304.3.4, 305.1

*Occurred prior to current Code of Conduct, information not available, or no Code of Conduct section applies.


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4 years ago

What a joke list!!! So many others who should be on the list including those who suddenly walked away and are no longer coaching and others who laugh at the codes and continue to do whatever they please. Once again LIP SERVICE from USA Swimming. Don’t be fooled!!!

Reply to  bwiab
4 years ago

YEP! There are names missing of offenders that engaged in these same, illegal and Code of Conduct violations, and fled the country, or left USASwimming on their own, or negotiated settlements.

Michael Heather
4 years ago

The real joke is that USA Swimming has a zero tolerance policy. Those policies are enacted to protect staff that are too lazy to do real investigation of a complaint. Not defending the people on the list, but that policy makes it too easy to be on the list.

Reply to  Michael Heather
4 years ago

And it often takes YEARS for an offender to show up on the list; in the meantime they’ve been coaching at other clubs or sometimes put in other functions like “Dry Land Coach” but “not associated with USA Swimming”.

USASwimming needs to do a *much* better job at this and stop sweeping real incidents under the rug. Act quickly to save lives and enforce the Safe Sport policies on a timely basis, both current and past offenders.

Lori sharp
4 years ago

What about Rob mirande??

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