USA Swimming Names First 23 Officials for 2020 US Olympic Trials

USA Swimming has announced a list of officials who will work the 2020 U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials from June 21st-28th, 2020 at the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska. In total, 23 officials will work the meet, including 2 who will cover the underwater review cameras that can be used to overturn disqualifications called by on-deck officials.

The officials were chosen after a process that included recommendations from their peers, officiating history at the local and national level, and “commitment to the sport.

An additional group of officials will be invited to complete the list of deck officials for Olympic Trials and those will be announced by the end of October.

Among the leadership roles announced are Don Hougardy as Team Lead Chief Judge, Clark Hammond as Meet Referee, and Denice Wepasnick as head starter. Hammond, notably, is the Chair of the USA Swimmiing Rules and Regulations Committee, while Hougardy serves on the USA Swimming Audit Committee.

Asst. Administrative Referee Peter Lagow
Asst. Administrative Referee Lisa Olack
Administrative Referee Jacki Allender
Chief Judge Dana Covington
Chief Judge Kim Downs
Chief Judge Jason Johnson
Chief Judge Trish Martin
Chief Judge Mike Urbanowicz
Chief Judge Lisa Vetterlein
Team Lead Chief Judge Don Hougardy
Deck Referee Jamie Cahn
Deck Referee Sandy Drake
Deck Referee Jim Holcomb
Deck Referee Kathleen Scandary
Deck Referee Wayne Shulby
Meet Referee Clark Hammond
Starter Dick Duncan
Starter Eric Peterson
Starter Fran Werner
Head Starter Denice Wepasnick
Time Trial Referee Mark McCaw
Underwater Camera Referee Robert Broyles
Underwater Camera Referee Dan McAllen

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3 years ago

The most visible representatives of USA Swimming (other than the athletes) should at least appear somewhat healthy… Maybe introduce a max BMI to work televised meets?

Tea rex
3 years ago

Surprised Alaskan official I.C. Bottom isn’t included.

Reply to  Tea rex
3 years ago

Pizza delivery for I.C. Bottom…. oh lord. Here’s to another lousy millennium

Reply to  Landrew
3 years ago

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

3 years ago

Well, just in case a judge falls accidentally in the water, it is a good thing they all have a built in swim ring.Fat shaming people in this country of 48 Oz cokes and tripple burgers is… okay.

Reply to  PsychoDad
3 years ago

A few of us officials are former D1 swimmers who still swim competitively and are in shape. We just aren’t part of the old boys network and have the time to commit to every session of a national meet to actually be able to work (I.e. volunteer and pay our own expenses) a meet such as Trials.

Rate the ref
3 years ago

Would be nice if they provided the LSC for the officials.

3 years ago

Rude and uncalled for.

High Water Pants - DQ
3 years ago

yes, officials should be ranked to make everything official …

3 years ago

Are you guys planning to rank the Top 20 officials for us pre-Trials?

Reply to  200 SIDESTROKE B CUT
3 years ago

I feel comfortable having Broyles and McAllen in the replay booth.

Reply to  200 SIDESTROKE B CUT
3 years ago

I mean that’s not a bad idea…

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