USA Swimming Error Results in One Change To 2014-2015 U.S. National Team From Original Listing

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 18

September 04th, 2014 National, News

The U.S. National Team roster that was posted publicly by USA Swimming earlier this week contained an error that has now been corrected.

The result is that Mark Weber is no longer a member of the 2014-2015 U.S. National Team, with Matt Grevers taking the 6th spot in the men’s 50 freestyle. As Grevers was already on the team, the net result is one fewer male U.S. National Team swimmer – this was Weber’s only entry on the original National Team list.

See the updated 2014-2015 U.S. National Team here.

The confusion seems to have come from a misapplication of the rules. Weber was listed on the National Team roster with a 22.16 – which correctly would have placed him as the 6th-fastest swimmer from the relevant selection meets. However, that swim was done in a swim-off at Nationals that he won, not in a prelim or a final, and USA Swimming’s own rules don’t allow for consideration of times from swim-offs (or split times, or relay lead-offs) when naming the National Team.

Prelim times from Pan Pacs and Nationals, however, both count. That makes the updated list of U.S. National Team swimmers in the 50 free read as follows:

  1. Anthony Ervin, 21.55 – Nationals
  2. Nathan Adrian, 21.69 – Nationals
  3. Cullen Jones, 21.83 – Nationals
  4. Josh Schneider – 21.88, Nationals
  5. Seth Stubblefield, 22.15 – Nationals prelims
  6. Matt Grevers, 22.25 – Nationals

Grevers was 5th in finals in a 22.25, making him the 6th ranked swimmer behind Stubblefield’s swim from prelims. Excluding the swim-offs, Jimmy Feigen’s 22.29 from finals was also faster than Weber.

The result is an unfortunate one for Weber, though it’s out of his control. Weber is still eligible to apply for an “Elite Athlete Grant” from USA Swimming, which can get him up to $15,000 in support.

SwimSwam’s Jared Anderson is preparing a summary of the Elite Athlete Grant program and the U.S. National Team benefits that will give a better indication of what this means, financially, for Weber.

SwimSwam is making every effort to go back and update all relevant articles so far posted about the National Team. If you see any that we’ve missed updating, please let us know in the comments.

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If that was me, I’d be filling out that paperwork with spite.


Heartbreaking news as Mark is a good friend, huge strides made this year by him at SwimMac. Knowing Weber he will be training with a chip on his shoulder for the coming year
Question: Paul Powers was 22.20 and 22.24 at Jr Pan Pacs both times that would launch him onto the National team, is this yet another oversight by USA Swimming?


I don’t believe you can make the team from Jr Pan Pacs, just Nationals and Pan Pacs

PVS Swim Fan

You are correct that only finals times from Nationals and Pan Pacs Count. Not Jr Pans. In addition to Paul Powers, Cassidy Bayer is 5th in the 200 fly rankings with a time from Jr. Pans but not on the National Team.

CT Swim Fan

Doesn’t anyone check this stuff before it is released. Since they probably do, it makes me think that the rules need some tweeking. What for instance is the rationale for not counting official swims such as relay lead off legs as long as they are in the meets that the team is picked from. If a kid does a faster time in the same meet, it would seem to me that he is faster and should qualify no matter when or for what reason.

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