US Olympic Team, Call Me Maybe Video

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10 years ago

Somehow twitter always leads me to swimswam…well, I wrote this up in my stickies a while ago when the video first came out because I was curious if everyone on the team made it. Yes probably could have been more productive with my time… oh well! Someone want to clean it up?

0:00 Coach Jack Roach, Ariana Kukors, Michael Phelps (left-right)
0:04 Caitlin Leverenz, Rebecca Soni, Dana Vollmer, Andrew Gemmell (front-back)
0:07 Elizabeth Beisel
0:09 Kathleen Hersey, Jimmy Feigen
0:11 Alyssa Anderson, Cullen Jones, Kathleen Hersey
0:13 Anthony Ervin
0:14 Matt McLean
0:17 Eric Shanteau
0:19 Brendan Hansen
0:21 Kathleen Hersey
0:24 Missy Franklin
0:28 Cammile Adams (front), Caitlin… Read more »

10 years ago

Someone should make a follow-up version with subtitles of the names of all the swimmers and the number of medals they won in London.

10 years ago

Who is at 0:16 ??

10 years ago

Holy shit, Braden!Almost a million of views!When i saw it was just two hundred something…Wow!

10 years ago

Everyone’s focusing on the athletes- I think that Jon Urbanchek and Jack Roach may be the true highlights though. 2 most fun coaches on the pool deck for sure.

Royale w/Cheese
Reply to  ScubaSteve
10 years ago

Enjoyed Rowdy and Dan Hicks as well…this is just great, makes me miss the team atmosphere of college swimming!

10 years ago

Probably the best video made of this that I’ve seen. Definitely trumps the Harvard baseball team one.

Reply to  Brian
10 years ago

That Harvard baseball parody is lame. I don’t understand how it gets 14millions+ views.
The olympics swimming team version is way more awesome, more funny!

10 years ago

Alright ill say it for all the guys who have watched this video. The laddies of Team USA are pretty good looking.

Reply to  KYLE
10 years ago

The lasses aren’t bad either.

10 years ago

The look on Hansen’s face as he is watching Fiegen is classic!

Reply to  SwimSam
10 years ago

And Feigen is such a big dork (and I am saying this not in negative way). Too funny.

Reply to  aswimfan
10 years ago

Way to funny. Good to see the other side of these athletes. Totally different perspective than seeing them at competition.

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