US Olympic Team, Call Me Maybe Video

  67 Garrett McCaffrey | July 26th, 2012 | London 2012 Olympics, News

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Somehow twitter always leads me to swimswam…well, I wrote this up in my stickies a while ago when the video first came out because I was curious if everyone on the team made it. Yes probably could have been more productive with my time… oh well! Someone want to clean it up? 0:00 Coach Jack Roach, Ariana Kukors, Michael Phelps (left-right) 0:04 Caitlin Leverenz, Rebecca Soni, Dana Vollmer, Andrew Gemmell (front-back) 0:07 Elizabeth Beisel 0:09 Kathleen Hersey, Jimmy Feigen 0:11 Alyssa Anderson, Cullen Jones, Kathleen Hersey 0:13 Anthony Ervin 0:14 Matt McLean 0:17 Eric Shanteau 0:19 Brendan Hansen 0:21 Kathleen Hersey 0:24 Missy Franklin 0:28 Cammile Adams (front), Caitlin Leverenz (back) 0:32 Chloe Sutton 0:34 Kathleen Hersey (?) 0:37 Lauren… Read more »

Someone should make a follow-up version with subtitles of the names of all the swimmers and the number of medals they won in London.

Who is at 0:16 ??


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