US Olympians on Twitter: The Complete List

The London Olympics of 2012 will be the Games of social media. Yes, facebook (and MySpace – remember that?) were very popular during the 2008 Olympics. But with the rise of Twitter and “Fan Pages” to dominate the scene, fans are able to interact, connect, and track the every move of their favorite athletes like never before. For the professionals, whoever wins Twitter will win the money-list.

With this new level of accessibility, the athletes take much better control over their image and their own message, and whoever can attract the most fans will garner the most sponsor attention. The athletes are already Tweeting a lot of great pictures and updates from their camps in Knoxville and France, and here’s links to all of their Twitter accounts so that you can follow them.

For ease, we’ve created an easy-to-follow list that you can subscribe to. Heck, you can even follow this list if you don’t have a Twitter! Subscribe to the list here on Twitter by clicking the “Subscribe” button on the left. Check out the feed below, and see a list of Twitter accounts for the whole Olympic Team.




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9 years ago

I think you have the wrong Cullen Jones.

10 years ago

Looks like USA Swimming has finally followed SWIM SWAM’s lead by putting together a list of all their Olympians currently on Twitter!/USA_Swimming/olympic-swim-team

One nice addition to their list is the inclusion of the coaches.

10 years ago

How about these Maxim photos of hers that Rebecca Soni tweeted today (lucky Ricky!)

10 years ago

if Lochte keeps up those advertising tweets, someone is going to have to develop a SPAM catcher for twitter.

Reply to  don
10 years ago

Haha have to concur all those advertising tweets from Ryan were starting to get annoying!

Was noticing how quite a few swimming related personalities (mostly Americans) have been included on this list of “Fifty Twitter feeds you need to follow during the London Olympics” from SI: Natalie, Missy, Rowdy, Jessica, Ryan & Michael, USA Swimming, and Eamon.

And an USA Today report on the American squad’s “rookie skits” that were enacted last night in training camp (rather vague with the details as to be expected):

Would be hilarious if the Chloe skit had been a parody of her infamous promotional glam video that drew so much attention & comments on this site lol

10 years ago

Thanks Braden – really useful list for us to follow, cheers!

USA Swimming does have a similar list, but it includes National Teamers who didn’t make it on the Olympic team:!/USA_Swimming/national-team

Is there a comparable list for the Britsih & Oz Olympians? The closest one I’ve found was this one:!/Swimnetwork/worldath

Reply to  Braden Keith
10 years ago

The link for Cammile Adams is wrong. It goes to cleverenz.

Reply to  Braden Keith
10 years ago

Braden – How about you add the US coaches to the list/feed. Urbs, Roach, Salo, DavidMac (any others?). maybe even Russell

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