UNC Asheville Learns About The Species Known As “Swimmers”

UNC Asheville swimmers Morgan Rulevich and Shannon Kennedy went on the “hunt” to discover swimmers in their natural habitat and try to learn as much as possible about them. Asheville Athletics tweeted the video of their expedition, saying “On this week’s episode of Asheville Adventures, @Shakenbake_96 & @morganruley uncover the Secrets of the Swimmers”.

Their adventure starts when the pair notices a chemical smell and follow it to the pool deck. They stumble into a swim practice, and take the opportunity to share some characteristics of swimmers.

They list off some facts you should know about swimmers:

  • Swimmers move quickly through the water.
  • Fast reaction time.
  • Generally calm, but can be ferocious when provoked

And here is their list of questions you can ask to determine if you have indeed found a swimmer:

  • Do they have pruney fingers?
  • Is their hair in a swimmer bun?
  • Do they have goggle marks?
  • Do they have leg cramps?

At the end, Morgan and Shannon reflect on the “incredible” species known as swimmers, and invite the audience to come witness swimmers in their natural habitat, the Justice Center Pool. UNC Asheville will be back in action against Georgia Southern Saturday, October 28th, at home.

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