Triton Series Postpones SPI Open Water Festival To Spring

Press Release courtesy of Open Water Planet, Murphy Boone, a SwimSwam partner

“It’s never a call that you want to make, but after looking at the forecast and talking with our safety team, we knew It was the right decision.”  Those were the sentiments from Race Director Gregg Cross minutes after making the announcement to postpone the 2nd annual South Padre Island Open Water Festival on Nov 4.  With winds forecasted to be 18-20 mph with 25+mph gusts, the Triton Series team issued an emergency meeting of its safety committee on Wed morning.   After monitoring the conditions throughout the next few days, the team announced an official call Friday morning Nov 3.

“We know we are going to have a few people that are disappointed and feel that the more wind the greater the challenge, and compare the wind speeds to races in other locations.  This event is not marketed as a rough water swim.  The Open Water Festival was created to bring together the open water community and provide a race safe for swimmers of all abilities.  Above all, our commitment is to safety; Safety of our swimmers, safety of our team on the water, and safety of all of the volunteers and spectators.  It was a big part of our original focus behind this series, consistent safety…always.“  Gregg explained after officially announcing the postponement.

Sunday morning brought the expected high winds and by 9am a small craft advisory had already been issued by the Coast Guard, further confirming that the decision to postpone the Open Water Festival was the right call.  Some of the swimmers that were registered made the journey anyway and spent the weekend with the Triton Team conquering the river at Schlitterbahn and enjoying the amazing kite surfing that the higher winds provided.  

With the holidays approaching quickly, Triton announced this morning that the South Padre Island Open Water Festival will be rescheduled for the weekend of April 28-29, 2018.  Registration for the new dates will reopen tomorrow, and swimmers previously registered will find their registrations still in good standing for the spring event.

“We are always striving to make every event the best it can be and the city of South Padre is already working with us on alternate locations to host the event in the case of a similar situations in the future.  Their commitment to this festival and the open water community is strong.  They know the potential this area has to be a year-round training center for our sport with multiple locations around the island to swim, and they are ready to showcase it to the world.”  expressed Triton Series Director Casey Taker when asked about plans for the future.

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