10 Tips on Coaching 10 and Under Swim Practices

10 ideas and tips on 10 and under swim practices…the SwimMAC way.


3 Drills To Improve Your Backstroke Kick

Try these three drills to maintain a powerful backstroke kick.


Half-Season Report Card: A goal-oriented motivational idea from Executive Swim Club

The swimming “Report Card” touches on the many important factors that make for a great season.

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VIDEO: Freestyle body position walkthrough with Leila Vaziri

Current coach and former National Team swimmer Leila Vaziri shares some tips on proper freestyle body position.

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SwimRun in Sweden: Swim in Icy 4 Degree Water, Run in Minus 6 Degree Air

Swimming Video is courtesy of Nils Zätterström. From Nils: Swimrun is a growing sport in Sweden. You combine swimming and running and…

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Warm Up Starts From The Ground Up

Phoenix Swim Club Strength Coach, Larry Arnold, takes you through the first 10 minutes of warm up for a Wednesday Dryland routine.


5 Easy Ways to Jumpstart Your Dolphin Kick

Underwater dolphin kicks can account for up to 60% of a race (in yards). There is a reason why swimmers are limited to 15 yards/meters of underwater dolphin kicks: they are faster than swimming on the water’s surface.


Coach’s Eye: New Backstroke Start Wedges Resulting in Higher Hip Height on Backstroke Start

The impact of the new backstroke start wedges was immediately clear at Winter Nationals and SC Worlds.


Olympian Josh Davis Tests USRPT, Swims Fastest Times in Ten Years (Feature Video)

5-time Olympic medalist, Josh Davis, has been training USRPT since last year. After hearing so much debate about this training method, he decided to try it himself. Listen to his results…


Shouts From the Stands: Reviewing Dr. Sam Freas’ Book “Sprinting II: It Takes Guts”

“One of the best!” That’s quite a statement, but that’s exactly right. Dr. Sam Freas, currently head swimming coach at…


What Year Would You Hold The American Record In The 50 or 100 Freestyle?

Olympic Champion Nathan Adrian holds the American Record in the 100 yard free, 41.08.


Is Hypoxic Training Good, Bad or The Wrong Terminology?

You may have heard swim coaches use the term Hypoxic Training and wondered exactly what it meant. The literal definition means to swim with fewer breaths per length and so limit the supply of oxygen to your body.


Jeff Julian, Rose Bowl Aquatics: “Improve Your Swimming Process”

Jeff Julian, the head coach of Rose Bowl Aquatics, has some wise words about training in the above video.


Climbing Camelback with Larry Arnold

How can any dryland make you a better swimmer? Some great minds believe that there is no direct correlation between building strength on land and increased strength in the water. For the most part, I agree. But what about coordination?

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Need a Gift Idea This Holiday? Give Your Swimmer an Elite Level Strength Program

BridgeAthletic is offering SwimSwam readers the ability to give the gift of an elite level strength program at a discount.


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