Training Talk with Jack Conger

by Garrett McCaffrey 9

April 08th, 2012 Training

What kind of training prepares a swimmer to be a 4:17 in the 500 free and 19.8 in the 50? Either of those times, individually, would get a scholarship to the school of his choice. Being able to do both is what makes Jack Conger the top recruit in the class of 2013. Oh yeah, he’s a backstroker… Here’s how he trains.

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Garrett, I didn’t like the last question and inference you had that Cal does only 4k a workout. Maybe Nathan and sprinters, but I know their mid distance and stroke people do a lot more than that. It definitely seemed like you were very biased towards Texas in that interview. You need to be unbiased and get your facts together first.


I’m sorry you feel that way, Joeb. I was simply trying to ask Jack if he could adjust to a different type of training. I certainly have no bias, and I think it’s fair to ask about the training adjustment that could potentially I influence his choice.


Wonder what the Cal coaches feel. You know that Tom Shields only does 4k? If not, then you probably shouldn’t have inferred that.


Since you evidently forgot: (notice that’s Garrett holding the camera and doing the talking, and the part where he says “middle-distance guys in the water”). Also, there’s nothing wrong with “only” 4k a workout, especially when doing doubles and dryland/lifting. Seeing as the Cal coaches just won an improbable NCAA title, you’re probably the only with your panties in a bunch. If you do the math from Jack Conger’s workout above, over a third of the 9k workout comes before the main set, which might not be the most time-efficient method of training for many swimmers, particularly those on a busy college schedule.



Garrett said “some people at Cal.” Which is also what you said: “maybe Nathan and sprinters.” Where is the issue?

I see no bias. Garrett said the word “Texas” once, and Jack stated in his previous interview that his top 3 schools are Arizona, Cal, and Texas.


who cares how much yardage each team does…eddie is older and on the downward trend, dave is younger and back to back…where would you go?


I think Jack is mature enough not to take Garrett’s hypothetical about yardage literally–it was clear to almost anyone listening that Garrett was referring to different types of situations and conditions that may occur—not a big deal and will hardly influence anyone’s college/program decision

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