Top Original Watermen Outdoor Workout Clothes This Winter

Courtesy of Original Watermen

The chilly mornings are upon us. It’s taking extra motivation to jump in the frigid water every morning. You sip your coffee just a little slower so you can really enjoy every bit of the warmth while you have it. If the low temps have you down check out our favorite outdoor workout clothes that are sure to heat you up.

One thing that is proven to keep your core temperature controlled are our Original Watermen Compression shorts. Layering up on cold days is important element to staying warm and improving performance. Our men’s compression shorts feature double lining in the front for an added warmth. These shorts are also non-transparent, anti-microbial, and rapid drying. Whether you are planning to workout in the water or on land, the watermen compression shorts literally have you covered. The extra warmth these shorts provide while kept your engine chugging in even the coldest temps.

We are ultimately motivated to keep you in the water as much as possible. We know how difficult it can to be to get in the water if you have already caught the chill. Our Original Watermen pullover hoodies are designed to be the most optimal gear to keep you toasty while you are working out or to get bundled up in before or after jumping in the water. Our favorite to hoodie to wear while working out is the Humbolt pullover hoodie, it’s perfect weight keeps you warm without compromising your movement. If you’re looking for our lightest weight hoodie the Baja pullover Hoodie is your go to option. It’s thin, warm and prepped with good wave hunting Baja vibes. Our absolute warmest option is the old favorite, the Watermen Sherpa Hoodie. This hoodie was designed to keep your internal temperature forever at summer levels. It’s always sunny in the Watermen Sherpa Hoodie.

Original Watermen is here to supply you with premium outerwear and treat you to the best compression gear on the market. We want you to be psyched to get in the elements and one way to do that is to be geared up. Don’t let anything keep you from earning your salt!

About Original Waterman

Like so many great things in the 70’s, we started in the back of a VW bus. Surfer and lifeguard, Ken Miller and future wife Jen, began making and selling water trunks. The first customers were Carlsbad locals and eventually the State of California lifeguards signed up for 36 red shorts.

Since those early days we have evolved and grown and eventually outfitted over 1700 organizations from local and state agency lifeguards and fire fighters to military special forces. Original Watermen, as a company, was created with a singular vision: provide the best quality, fit, and performance in every garment. Few industries have the opportunity to test their mettle each time a great set rolls in. We’re fortunate; we do.
At Original Watermen we measure our success by the performance of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. If you’re new to us, welcome aboard…it’s time to earn your salt.

Courtesy of Original Waterman, a SwimSwam partner.

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