Three More Names In SafeSport Banned Database, Two Removed

There’s been some upheaval in the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s database of banned individuals, with several swimming-related names being added and two of them subsequently removed from the database.

Brady Figueredo and Matthew Cook were added with sanctions beginning in November. Johnathan Corbett had been previously added, but retains the “subject to appeal” tag, meaning his ban is likely in the appeal stages. Meanwhile Kelton Graham was previously added with a probationary warning, then removed. One other name was briefly added to the database, then removed – puzzlingly, it was the name of a young age group swimmer, and we’re told it was erroneously included in the database.

Brady Figueredo

Figueredo is a registered official, and listed with the town of Olympia, Washington in the database. He’s listed as “ineligible,” which means his window for arbitration/appeal could still be open. On the other hand, he was added to USA Swimming’s banned list as of Nov. 30, and USA Swimming typically doesn’t add names until the appeal window is closed. His violation is listed as “criminal disposition,” which typically means the individual has either been charged with a crime or convicted in a criminal matter.

Matthew Cook

Cook is listed with the city of Bangor, Maine. He was sanctioned with an interim suspension and restrictions, with a listed violation of “allegations of misconduct.” There’s no info on where Cook previously coached.

Johnathon Corbett

Corbett was banned back in May, but has remained listed as “subject to appeal / not yet final,” meaning his appeal window remains open or the arbitration process in ongoing. He was an athlete in the mid-2000s and was most recently registered with USA Swimming as a coach. He’s listed as operating in Brooklyn Park, MN, and his violation is listed as “criminal disposition – involving a minor.”

Kelton Graham

Graham was a head coach with Club Wolverine who was fired from that job when he was arrested and pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution in Omaha, Nebraska during the 2016 Olympic Trials. Graham was at one point listed in the database, not with a ban but under “probation; warning.” We’re told his warning was related to that 2016 arrest, not a new incident, and Graham was subsequently removed from the database sometime in late November. After being terminated from Club Wolverine, he was hired by the Lakers Aquatic Club and continues coaching there.


The 8 names listed with interim suspensions remain under that designation, meaning either their investigations are still ongoing, or results haven’t been reflected yet in the database. Cook joins that list, leaving 9 interim suspended names:

Interim Suspensions

Name City Violation Decision Date
Bobby Bittner Beaufort, NC Allegations of Misconduct 5/8/18
Jeremy Anderson Santa Clarita, CA Allegations of Misconduct 3/13/18
Mark Schremmer Not listed Allegations of Misconduct 2/8/18
Matthew Cook Bangor, ME Allegations of Misconduct 11/1/18
Nick Daddabbo Not listed Allegations of Misconduct 8/6/18
Peter Buecher Saint Louis Park, MN Allegations of Misconduct 5/10/18
Rick Moulton Findlay, OH Allegations of Misconduct 8/17/18
Steven Lochte Not listed Allegations of Misconduct 9/12/18
Walter Winkler Cheyenne, WY Allegations of Misconduct 2/21/18

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