Three Brazilians, 1 Olympian, in Front of Doping Panel

According to Alex Pussielidi, author of Brazil’s Blog do Coach, three elite Brazilian swimmers have tested positive for banned substances at the Maria Lenk Trophy and have been sent before a doping panel, including one member of their Olympic Team.

Pamela de Souza, Flavia Delaroli, and Glauber Silva have all tested positive for banned substances, though it is only known that Souza’s was for furosemide (the same substance that Cesar Cielo et al tested positive for in 2011).

Silva is the heavy-hitter here, as he was a member of the 2012 Brazilian Olympic Team with a 52.24 at the last-ditch Olympic Time Trial. That currently ranks him 17th in the world in 2012.

De Souza was 3rd in the women’s 50 free at this year’s Maria Lenk Trophy in 25.69, with a 25.38 in the prelims.

There has been no official announcement or acknowledgement made as of yet, and none of them has been proven guilty yet, but when a decision is rendered it will surely pass shockwaves through the swimming community, regardless of the verdict. This would be the second major haul of doping athletes from Brazil’s National Championship meet in the past 18 months.

In the least, a suspension of loss of times would be rendered, meaning Silva would stay home from London.

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9 years ago

Hey, there was at some point talk of a rule that if a nation has enough doping offenses within a certain time period (2-4 years, not sure), FINA/WADA/IOC/whatever would suspend the entire country as there could be systematic doping in play. Isn’t Brazil far beyond that line by now?

Reply to  Braden Keith
9 years ago

Hmm i’m brasilian. Brasil population is 200mi and china 1400mi. Anyway i think we are the top doping country, it’s a shame.

9 years ago

The sad thing:
Three people from 3 different Teams(Corinthians,Minas and Pinheiros), three different strokes(breast,fly and free) and different moments(a youngster, a rising start and a semi-retired athlete).Sad.

anti-doping passaport now!

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